Gulf Crisis TV Project, part 2

Part of the Global Perspectives on War and Peace Collection. One of a series, this tape has two parts: Global Dissent and The War at Home

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars.

01:04Copy video clip URL Paper Tiger TV Titles

01:29Copy video clip URL A fake hotline is called, 1-800 USA 911.  “Your country qualifies as genuinely third world. If you would like us to occupy your land press one, if you would like us to arrest your dictator press two…”

02:23Copy video clip URL “Global Dissent: Yankee Go Home” titles

02:47Copy video clip URL George Bush speaks in voiceover, “This is a historic moment… we have the opportunity to forge a new world order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peace keeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the UN’s founders.”

03:14Copy video clip URL Olga Mejia from the Human Rights Commission of Panama speaks. “Where was the UN, where was the security council when Panama was invaded, when Grenada was invaded?” Phyllis Bennis, a journalist, talks about bribery and threats used by the U.S to influence votes in the Security Council.

05:13Copy video clip URL A comic, The New World Deal.

05:49Copy video clip URL Radio show on WBAI in New York. Footage in Jordan from 1991. A woman throws rocks at cameramen, people shout at Americans to get out. Palestinian protesters speak out against American presence.

08:35Copy video clip URL Nawal El Saadawi, an Egyptian novelist, “We call it now the United Nations of America.”

09:48Copy video clip URL A Native American poet recites a poem, “…the new world order is old world lie.”

10:13Copy video clip URL Claude Aka, Columbia University Professor, “I think the Gulf War will introduce a new bipolarity in the world. A bipolarity of third world and the rich world… a much more dangerous bipolarity.”

10:55Copy video clip URL Text: “December 1990. One year after the invasion of Panama the U.S maintains occupation forces…” Footage of Panamanians fighting with U.S troops in the street.

11:34Copy video clip URL Text: “One week after the Gulf War began, the U.S reinstated military aid to El Salvador, sabotaging UN sponsored negotiations.” Footage of protests in El Salvador, statue of Uncle Sam is burned in the street.

12:40Copy video clip URL Clytie Causin, “This war means to third world countries, assertion of the American superpower…it means that no one can stop America from pursing its interests. That’s what this was means to us.”

13:15Copy video clip URL Text; “There are 16 U.S bases in the Philippines…there is convincing evidence that these bases store nuclear weapons…” Causin, “The Philippines has become like a neo-colony of the U.S”

14:40Copy video clip URL Filipino Writer Yin Jen Chen, “We went through a process of ‘Americanization’, our intellectuals and our media. Victory in the Gulf War becomes our victory. U.S glory as our glory.”

15:05Copy video clip URL Taiwan.  Footage of police and people on the street fighting over an American flag. “In Taiwan, the burning of a U.S flag is an illegal act.”

16:30Copy video clip URL Nawal El Saadawi, an Egyptian novelist, speaks out against U.S interference with Iraq and Kuwait. “It is a military industrial machine, they need the war.”

17:24Copy video clip URL Causin talks about how Filipinos strongly oppose the war.

17:43Copy video clip URL Adrien K. Wing talks about people suffering in the countries of Southern Africa because the price of oil went up so high.

18:30Copy video clip URL A group of young women sing about fabrics made out of products from the third world.

21:15Copy video clip URL Olga Mejia, Human Rights Commission of Panama. “It is strange war, a war against the most poor, and most oppressed people.”

21:55Copy video clip URL Protest march in London. A Kurdish protester speaks.

22:46Copy video clip URL Simona Sharoni, Israeli Peace Activist. “We need to stop talking about ourselves as victims, when other people are being victimized in our name.”

23:09Copy video clip URL A protest in Tijuana, Mexico. “The Mexican government supports the Bush administration but the Mexican people oppose this war.”

24:21Copy video clip URL Joan Gibbs calls the United States “the most genocidal force on this earth.”

25:15Copy video clip URL “Third World, U.S.A.” Black and white footage of a young girl walking around the East Village. She lives in a plywood house and collects cans.

27:00Copy video clip URL Credits for “Global Dissent”

29:20Copy video clip URL Paper Tiger TV intro.

30:10Copy video clip URL “War on the Homefront” Title. Footage from various protest marches.

30:45Copy video clip URL Clips of multiple people speaking about how domestic issues are being ignored as the U.S fights overseas.

31:25Copy video clip URL Rev. Le Havre Buck, “Three percent of the people, that are the wealthiest people in America, own fifty percent of the stock in the war machine.”

32:45Copy video clip URL Explosions sound at a military testing site in Reno, Nevada. Sign reads, “Approved laser range.”  Grace Bukowski speaks about the amount of land owned by the military for testing.

33:17Copy video clip URL Walter and Margaret Gear talk about dealing with military planes flying over their house every day. Joe Sanchez talks about the military using Shoshone Native American land without permission.

34:38Copy video clip URL Nelson Ramirez, Puerto Rican Independence Movement.

35:05Copy video clip URL Text: “Military spending creates 6,400 fewer jobs per billion dollars than would spending out tax money on bridge repair, health programs or education.”

35:24Copy video clip URL Employment office in Albuquerque, NM.  A woman talks about workers being contaminated by radioactive materials.

36:18Copy video clip URL The militarized U.S/Mexican border. “We need to come together as two communities and see the problems of migration as economic, social and historical… as an issue of human rights, not criminal law.”

37:44Copy video clip URL A man speaks who belongs to a group that believes the border is “artificial and militarily imposed… a manifestation of a colonial policy.”

38:27Copy video clip URL May Ying Chen, from the Ladies Garment Workers Union, talks about immigrant workers.

38:55Copy video clip URL Wing, “46 percent of all black men are not in labor force at all.” She speaks about her brother-in-law’s decision to join the army rather than sell drugs or join a gang in his neighborhood, believing he would be safer in the army.

40:06Copy video clip URL Vernon Bellecourt speaks about young people from Indian reservations joining the army because of lack of employment.

41:45Copy video clip URL Day of Outrage in Harlem. “Who ever head of someone being born homeless, of being born crack addicts? It’s not an accident. Poverty is real, capitalism is real, imperialism is real! They go all over the world try and control people of color, and people of color are saying no longer can that happen.”

42:50Copy video clip URL Ronald Darnaby at a shelter in Philidelphia. “There’s a war on the citizens here. The worst act of violence that this government could do is to have its citizens live in poverty.”

44:02Copy video clip URL A youth rally in New York. People protesting outside a Shell gas station. “Wouldn’t it be a wonderful day when educators had all of the money that they needed and the U.S defense had to have bake sales to raise money to build bombs?”

44:30Copy video clip URL Students at CUNY talk about their tuition being raised.  Mara Benitez, “The money that’s being wasted away over in the Gulf could be used here to preserve life.”

46:08Copy video clip URL Anti-war youth rally in New York.

46:23Copy video clip URL Ellen Bravo. “The term fringe benefit, health is a fringe in the United States, and it depends on whether or not you have money.”  Virginia Beckett A hospital worker at Cook county talks about how the war takes money away from health care. “A few hours of this war would build a new Cook County Hospital.”

47:25Copy video clip URL Majorie S. Hill talks about the strong participation of Gays and Lesbians in political activism. Joe Franco at the March on Washington 1991, “We’re not only experiencing the war in the Middle East, we’re also here experiencing the war call AIDS.  The United States has spent in three days since the war began the same amount of money than we have spent in 10 years to fight AIDS”

50:13Copy video clip URL Black Women’s Speakout in NYC.

50:59Copy video clip URL Cynthia Lopez, ” Puerto Rican women have the highest rate in New York State of being sterilized… what kind of information is being distributed to these women that they see this as the only option?”

51:26Copy video clip URL Aldyn McKean from Act-Up talks about how the Gay and Lesbian community should be act out against violence and be visible in all movements for social change.

52:12Copy video clip URL Joe Sanchez, ” There’s a saying within one native nation that says  when a nation is driven solely by the desires of the warriors, than that nation is killing itself.”

52:29Copy video clip URL The police in New York begin arresting people at a protest. A man talks about police violence against minorities.

54:12Copy video clip URL A young woman speaks at a rally to much applause. “I’m willing to die in a war that will end poverty in this country, that will get the government to spend money to stop the spread of AIDS in this country, that will allow me to walk down the street safe, that will stop thousands of Puerto Rican women from being sterilized against their wills, but I will not die in war, to kill other people of color that never did a damn thing to me!”

55:55Copy video clip URL Credits roll over a poem by Jesus Melendez.

57:19Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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