Gulf Crisis TV Project, part 4

Part of the Global Perspectives on War and Peace Collection. This tape focuses on conscientious objectors to the Gulf War, many of which are or used to be soldiers.

00:00Copy video clip URL “61 cents of your 1989 federal tax dollar was spent on the military.” A phone number is given for the Alternative Revenue Service.

01:00Copy video clip URL “Stop the War Before it Starts.” Announcement for a national demonstration to be held on January 26th.

02:00Copy video clip URL Intro. Paper Tiger TV credits.  Footage of military graves.  Jesus Melendez speaks out against the war. “I don’t think your life should amount to a folded flag that they’re coming to give me. I’ll spit on that flag, I’ll burn that flag…”

04:14Copy video clip URL Footage of an anti-war march at Westover Airforce Base in Massachusetts. People carry homemade coffins.

06:25Copy video clip URL Military Family Speakout in Washington D.C.

06:57Copy video clip URL An FIT student talks about why she joined the protest.  A student at Jackson State University says they’ve had 52 students deployed from their school. Footage of a student protest.

08:45Copy video clip URL Jim Randall, Vietnam vet, “I think you can argue that we have a de-facto draft today. Because the kinds of people that are serving today are the same kind of people that are serving when I was drafted… The people who couldn’t afford to go to college in the past got drafted and today the people that can’t afford to go to college without assistance go into the reserves.”  Text: “African-Americans and Hispanics represent 40% of the US troops in the Gulf region.”

09:20Copy video clip URL Rev. Graylan Ellis-Hogler preaches a sermon against the war.

10:01Copy video clip URL Protesters in New York sit with body bags on the street.  A speaker in Chicago protests outside the Amoco building.

10:50Copy video clip URL Barry Romo from Vietnam Vets Against the War, “I’ve seen young men who don’t want to go to the Middle East, that it’s a question of getting gassed for the gas companies.”

11:10Copy video clip URL A man New York talks about how they wouldn’t take his blood at basic training because he was Haitian.

12:33Copy video clip URL A conscientious objector talks about how he refused to continue in his training program and is now being charged with willful invasion, which if convicted could result in fives years in prison. Jeff Patterson, says he is no longer being Court Marshalled for leaving the marines.

13:37Copy video clip URL M.C Frumpy raps about freedom. Patterson leads a protest in Hawaii outside a Marines recruitment center.

15:00Copy video clip URL More conscientious objectors speak about their decisions. “I didn’t want to be seen as a ‘Hanoi Jane’ figure.”

16:25Copy video clip URL A C.O counselor at the War Resistors League, “Since this crisis began 4 months ago we’ve received between four and five hundred calls from soldiers… One guy called and said first he had tried GreenPeace, because it was the only groups he knew with peace in the name.”

17:00Copy video clip URL Text: “In Nov. 1990 the army indefinitely extended soldiers contracts until the war is over…”

17:20Copy video clip URL Counseling a group of resisters who were soldiers. “When I hear that people are protesting all over the country it’s still a shock to me.” One man talks about the support he got from fellow students when he became a conscientious objector.

20:20Copy video clip URL A protest at the New School in New York in support of a student who is in the Marines reserves and became a C.O. His troop had recently been called to duty.

21:29Copy video clip URL The C.O counselor talks about how several reservists have been charged with conspiracy because so many from the same troop have become C.O.’s – 12 out of 150 from Fox company.

21:53Copy video clip URL Protest in Wisconsin. “200 GIs went AWOL from Fort Benning Georgia when Bush first sent troops to the Middle East… Hell no we won’t go, we won’t fight for Texaco!”

22:20Copy video clip URL Jeff Patterson, when asked how soldiers taking C.O status should be prepared to resist. “I’m not suggesting anyone go AWOL, I’m not suggesting anyone seek out churches that are offering sanctuary at this time, I’m not suggesting anyone holds press conferences and calls out the war for what it is, I’m not suggesting any of those things because at this time it’s illegal for me to do so.”

22:56Copy video clip URL A rap made by the “just say no” movement. Plays over footage of soldiers in action.

23:38Copy video clip URL Protest in Wisconsin. “We the people of the city of Madison do declare our city to be a sanctuary for those persons who wish to decline to serve in the United States Military, and to those presently serving who wish to desert military service.”

24:40Copy video clip URL Veteran’s Day Parade in Ohio. Text: “At least 40% of the homeless in the U.S are war veterans (mostly Vietnam Vets).”

25:45Copy video clip URL Protests in Indiana, San Fransisco.

27:33Copy video clip URL “The was has to come home. The war against poverty, against racism.”

28:24Copy video clip URL Credits.



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