Milly’s Orchid Show, Halloween-Election Special, Park West

A live performance of the variety program Milly's Orchid Show, hosted by Brigid Murphy. Taking place at the Park West, this program features performers such as David Cale.

03:25Copy video clip URL An improv group performs several short bits, including a parody of COPS, a skit about an overly-analytical boyfriend, and a skit about an escaped war criminal.

14:15Copy video clip URL Actors perform an extended routine of stage combat, involving swords, spears, and hand-to-hand fighting.

20:30Copy video clip URL A comedian performs a routine.

23:35Copy video clip URL The house lights dim and a short animated film about a cat is projected.

24:40Copy video clip URL An extended musical number is performed, featuring several singers and dancers.

34:50Copy video clip URL After a jump cut, ¬†Milly appears on stage, engaging in banter with the audience. She makes oblique reference to an upcoming election, and then introduces the next act as “Miss Marilyn Monroe and Mr. John Kennedy.”

36:50Copy video clip URL A pair of skeleton puppets dance to the accompaniment of various John Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe audio clips.

41:30Copy video clip URL Milly takes the stage; she thanks the venue and various contributors to the show. She announces the various Milly-themed merchandise for sale at the theatre (with the help of Willie May). She introduces David Cale.

46:25Copy video clip URL David Cale performs a long spoken-word routine.

51:45Copy video clip URL Milly comes to the stage and sings.

57:44Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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