[Halsted Street TV Show guest booth]

The Halsted Street TV Show was a video project started by Tom Weinberg and Scott Jacobs. At a storefront on Halsted Street in Chicago, independent videomakers and artists held screenings and discussions of their work. This tape is of a private booth where attendees could voice their opinions on the night's show (the contents of which are not completely identified).

0:00Copy video clip URL Various people give opinions on the evening’s show. Audio is very bad since microphone appears to be picking up the ambient sound more than the people talking into it. Video rolls.

01:00Copy video clip URL Black.

01:35Copy video clip URL A woman does a sound check. Halsted Street Guest Register off the air. Rick Fransic, videographer, gives opinion on the event – everyone was very hip looking. Talks about a good smelling girl. Linda Zook liked the show. Woman in frog costume interviews another woman about the event. She thought the juggling went on too long. Tedwilliam Theodore scratches his nose and sighs. A woman mentions that one of the tapes was they had watched was “Making It In Hollywood.” Man in helmet talks about it as his distinguishing factor and talks about a documentary he wants to make on the Amazon River. Man talks about the Election Day 1976 tape.

09:10Copy video clip URL A little boy dances and says he liked the photographs. Claudia Crask moves her head in front of camera and acts like a mime.

11:50Copy video clip URL Jana Hagan liked the show and hopes Val McLenighan and Scott Jacobs make some money off of it .

12:39Copy video clip URL Man smokes in front of camera and spouts philosophical nonsense about images and taping and audience/camera/subject relationships.

15:45Copy video clip URL Woman says she wanted to see more of the Australian tapes.

16:18Copy video clip URL Woman thinks they should do more of these types of things at the Art Institute, where she is a student.

16:35Copy video clip URL Man says he didn’t even mind paying to watch TV.

16:52Copy video clip URL Guy babbles about his dogs.

17:36Copy video clip URL 18-year-old says he just came to check out video since he just heard about it. He wishes there was a monitor so he could see himself. He talks about why he keeps looking to the side.

19:30Copy video clip URL Dan Bacon of Northeastern Illinois University, says he did many similar things there.

19:50Copy video clip URL John Hearn said that he found the show interesting. He said it was boring at the beginning, especially the river program.

20:25Copy video clip URL David Bookbinder thought the videos were interesting and more serious than he expected.

21:19Copy video clip URL Raul Zaritsky wants more of this in Chicago. He thanks us in television land.

21:47Copy video clip URL Eric Reed says he came here by accident, but he liked it. Says it is more convivial than network TV.

22:10Copy video clip URL Paul Hirsch of Hyde Park says that you get a sense of what television can be from this. He is a Professor at the Kellogg School at Northwestern University.

22:47Copy video clip URL Horace Newcomb, author of “Television: the Critical View,” says he was discussing TV with frogs and they couldn’t understand anything about it and he is glad to be around people who do.

23:20Copy video clip URL Guy returns in a hat and tells us he was here before, then leaves.

23:41Copy video clip URL Les Allen and Nick talk about Allen losing his hands on the way over. Fake interview.

25:01Copy video clip URL Guy in silver hat speaks in weird accent that he claims is Austrian.

25:45Copy video clip URL Four men, one dressed as frog, talk about the man’s metamorphosis to frog.

28:15Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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