[Hang Gliding / Nuclear Free Missoula]

Footage of hang gliding and a discussion with the activist group Nuclear Free Missoula.

00:05Copy video clip URL Footage of hang gliders in a canyon.

14:00Copy video clip URL Several young people, including one person covered in a plastic garbage bag, discuss their group, Nuclear Free Missoula, and their successful legislative efforts to establish Missoula as a nuclear-free zone. One of them explains the symbolism on his t-shirt, which features the logo they used in advertising their ballot initiative.

23:07Copy video clip URL Discussion of further efforts around the country to establish nuclear free zones, and their eagerness to help other initiatives. 

24:35Copy video clip URL Pride within the community for the success of the initiative, including even more conservative elements. Discussion of another initiative for the state of Montana to buy out the power companies to give the power to the people. 

27:27Copy video clip URL Plans for further efforts to prevent uranium mining in Montana and a ban that would prevent the transport of nuclear materials through the state. 

29:41Copy video clip URL Projected still images of Montana, with intrusions from the Nuclear Free Montana group and their cat. 

30:52Copy video clip URL A brief shot of a man at a machine, followed by a brief shot of the outside of a building. 



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