Happy Birthday Homemade TV (first composite)

"Catch 21: Happy Birthday Homemade TV." On the one year anniversary of the first airing of "Homemade TV," producers share the best clips from past broadcasts.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with color bars and tone.

00:21Copy video clip URL Production members can be heard working on the the show. The audio is rough throughout this portion of the tape.

01:29Copy video clip URL Cut to the intro for the program.

02:39Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of the editing room at Portable Channel. There are several outtakes of the producers explaining their reasons for creating content for Portable Channel. Tonight’s program is a compilation video created in celebration of Portable Channel’s first birthday. One of the members states, “Television isn’t just what you see on the black box. It isn’t just the program. It’s how it’s made and why it’s made and who produced it and the situation in which you see it, you know? And what people do with what they see and the whole way it’s part of our lives, instead of being just kind of an irrelevant little thing over there in our living rooms.”

05:04Copy video clip URL One of the production members introduces a segment on Sadie Bloom, an elderly woman who shows the production team how to make strudel. We watch as the woman prepares the dessert for the crew.

06:34Copy video clip URL The man then introduces another segment on civil disobedience called “Community of Witness.” He explains that Portable Channel tried to get behind the real story by gathering the personal stories of those involved in the protest. We watch as a group of theology students protest the trial of the Harrisburg Seven. Police officers escort various protesters out of the area who remain peaceful through the process. The videomakers share a few words with a police officer who, while honoring the obligation he has to his job, states that the protesters are “fighting for a good cause.”

09:47Copy video clip URL One of the hosts introduces a piece on the Watkins Glam Rock Festival. “We went there with our portable video tape equipment and just got out in the crowd and tried to convey the experience of what it was like to be there.”

10:30Copy video clip URL Cut to footage from the festival. The videomakers gather footage of a drug dealer as he sells his product to the concert goers. A large mass of people slowly make their way onto the grounds. This is a shorter clip.

12:00Copy video clip URL One of the hosts introduces a clip from Homemade TV: Cable Report, a live studio round table discussion on the subject of cable television. Various cable experts comment on the rise of cable television including Nick Reyes of Publicable and Clay Whitehead of the Office of Telecommunications Policy.

14:29Copy video clip URL One of the hosts talks about some of the other community videos they have showcased on the program. Another host introduces the program “Gerardo.” We watch as a nineteen year old videomaker works on one of his pieces. This is followed by another piece on Andy Beecher’s Genesee Region Video Journal. This lasts for several minutes.

19:08Copy video clip URL One of the hosts talks about Self-Help Productions as we watch a clip created by the group. The same host also interviews creator Joe Flores. This lasts for a few minutes.

21:33Copy video clip URL One of the hosts talks about the workshops that Portable Television offers to give people the skills to produce relevant content. We then watch a short clip from the Womens’ Television Workshop entitled “Sports and Sex: What About Women?” The producers talk about the conceptual background for the piece.

24:19Copy video clip URL Cut back to the host who continues to talk about the Womens’ Television Workshop. The producers did a piece on actress Viveca Lindfors who was performing for a theater production called “Women on Women.” We see clips from the show and a short interview with Lindfors. She talks about her struggle to find strength and independence after splitting with her husband.

27:55Copy video clip URL Cut to a clip of a woman rehearsing for the Montgomery Center Senior Citizens Variety Show. This piece had been included in the first episode of Homemade TV. The program ends shortly afterward.

29:45Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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