[Harold Washington decides whether to endorse Jesse Jackson for President]

WLS's Mike Jackson reports on the discussions between Mayor Harold Washington and Rev. Jesse Jackson over whether Washington will endorse Jackson in his presidential bid.

00:00Copy video clip URL Video cuts in mid-shot of news coverage of a rally for Jesse Jackson. The reporter notes Jackson is looking for peace with the Chicago mayor Harold Washington. Jackson and Washington met to see if they couple support each other in their respective political agendas.

00:33Copy video clip URL Jackson says he will endorse the candidacy of Chicago’s mayor. Reporter Mike Jackson notes that Washington has not yet decided whether or not he will endorse Jackson. Jackson said it would detrimental to his campaign for Presidency¬†if Washington did not publically support him.

00:52Copy video clip URL Interview with Mayor Washington who says this is a serious issue and he has a responsibility to take a lot of care to consider the options. He adds most people in the country haven’t decided yet which Democratic candidate to support. The reporter questions how Jackson will look if delegates in his own State won’t support him.

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