[Harold Washington on election day ’86]

On election day 1986, Mayor Harold Washington casts his vote, talks about the future of the Democratic Party in Chicago, urges citizens to vote, and joins Jesse Jackson at a campaign event.

00:00Copy video clip URL A news clip notes that Mayor Harold Washington voted just after seven o’clock this morning. He then invited two journalists to join him for breakfast and talk about campaign postmortem.

00:18Copy video clip URL Interview with Mayor Washington who says he sees a disintegration of the Democratic party. It’s a fight against solid groups of people.

01:12Copy video clip URL Washington is on the phone giving an interview. He says he encourages everyone to vote. He asys after two hours only 40 or 50 per cent of the people are voting.

01:42Copy video clip URL At lunchtime, the mayor attends a rally and listens to Jesse Jackson speak. Washington works the crowd to boost his chances for reelection.

02:13Copy video clip URL END



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