[Harold Washington’s Funeral]

Footage of Chicago Mayor Harold Washington's funeral and procession.

0:00Copy video clip URL Black and white with no audio. The footage alternates between various shots of people meeting in City Hall and chots of the beginning of the funeral procession.

01:51Copy video clip URL The funeral procession drives up Cottage Grove on the South Side. More shots from City Hall are intercut throughout.

3:18Copy video clip URL The procession drives past the Bowman and the Spearman sculptures at Congress and Michigan and continues to make its way through the Loop. Hundreds of Chicagoans gather to watch.

4:37Copy video clip URL Pall-bearers in military uniforms unload the hearse at City Hall.

5:57Copy video clip URL A sculptural bust of Washington’s head stands next to the podium at City Hall. People on the streets hold signs that read “Gone, but not forgotten.”

7:46Copy video clip URL Color and sound. Someone on the street sells buttons and prints of a photograph of Harold Washington.

9:02Copy video clip URL More silent black and white footage of the crowd outside City Hall. A man hands out buttons.

9:53Copy video clip URL Color and sound. Someone outside City Hall plays “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” “Amazing Grace,” and other tunes on a set of bagpipes.

11:34Copy video clip URL Silent black and white footage of people outside and inside City Hall, including people setting up for the funeral and an entire group of bagpipers in formation.

13:14Copy video clip URL Footage of Chicagoans watching the funeral procession from the street. Shots are a mix of color and black & white, mostly silent but a few with sound. People hold up American flags and photos of Washington. Some of the photos are quite large. One man holds a sign that reads, “We’ll miss you, Harold. Love, Chicago.” Another person holds a sign that says, “Long Live Harold.” At one point, the procession passes a super market with a large crowd of people all standing on the roof. Other people stand on their cars. Many people wave.

17:35Copy video clip URL Jesse Jackson speaks at the Washington funeral (no audio). There’s a montage of shots from around City Hall: The crowd outside, people adjusting the podium microphone, etc.

19:02Copy video clip URL The footage goes black.

19:34Copy video clip URL Unrelated footage, in color and with sound, that was not shot by Bill Stamets and is not part of this film. The wrecked fuselage of a plane is being hauled out of the water. The camera operator comments about the plane and the salvage attempt as he shoots. Some of the footage is out of order.

26:13Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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