[Radio Faces raw: Harry + Spike #3]

Harry and Spike, the hosts of a late night show on WMVP, interview several people on their show including Steve Maltay and Bob Halbrook, the coach of the UIC Flames

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on Harry and Spike’s show with their Caller of the Year. They are broadcasting live for WMVP 10:00Copy video clip URL AM. They talk quite a bit about their visit to UIC from a previous tape, they speak with Coach Bob Halbrook of the UIC Flames for quite some time.

22:34Copy video clip URL The videographer interviews Harry and Spike about how they met and got started.

24:49Copy video clip URL Show resumes, they talk with Steve Maltay.

39:12Copy video clip URL Cut to a different room where the broadcast can still be heard but people are taking calls from fans.

58:12Copy video clip URL The videographer again talks to them during the break.

59:34Copy video clip URL Show resumes.

1:02:45Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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