Helen Lishman for Mayor

Mayoral ad spoofs in which the fictional Helen Lishman announces her superiority as a candidate for mayor. Some of the ads take place outside after the Blizzard of 1979. Tom Weinberg plays her catatonic husband, Marvin Lishman.

0:00Copy video clip URL Helen Lishman for Mayor title and color bars.

0:22Copy video clip URL Spot 1: Kitchen: Helen Lishman emphasizes that she’s a regular person and that she wants out. She shows us the french toast she has been cooking for her husband Marvin for years.

1:30Copy video clip URL Spot 2: Living room: Lishman emphasizes that she is a housewife, just like you, and that she wants to become mayor so that her husband can quit his dead end job and work at City Hall.

2:37Copy video clip URL Spot 3: Snowstorm: Lishman is shoveling outside after giant blizzard. “City Hall doesn’t work – I work!”

3:42Copy video clip URL Audio only. Lishman saying her catchphrases.

3:53Copy video clip URL Bob from Image Union standing in snow. Assorted snow shots of Bob with occasional audio of Lishman.

5:37Copy video clip URL Audio only of Lishman.

6:31Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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