[Helen Stern at Mary Meyer School #1]

Camera original footage of Helen Stern, one of the founding teachers of the Mary Meyer School in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood.

0:00Copy video clip URL Helen Stern works with preschool-age children. Preschool-age children play with each other and with toys at the school.

6:15Copy video clip URL Great shot of Stern proudly watching the children work together on puzzles. Stern goes on to talk to a group of students about a conflict.

10:04Copy video clip URL Helen Stern says, about conflict, “You have to talk to the child who did it, even if it is not all bad.” She is uncomfortable with the interview and walks away shyly. She talks much more openly on the audio track while the camera follows other kids playing.

22:50Copy video clip URL Kids yell “hi” to a teacher who is walking outside. Pretty scene of young children yelling to her outside the window. At this moment, cameraman Tom Weinberg accidentally hits a kid in the head with the camera. Kids call the camera a “bad guy” and hide behind a door jokingly.

27:50Copy video clip URL A series of fights between kids. Two boys hurt one another’s arms and then go tell a teacher, who advises, “you should use your arms to play, sometimes you forget.” Helen Stern works with a young girl on a puzzle. The kids go outside to play and Stern talks to the kids, trying to make sure everyone gets a turn on the toys they want.

35:45Copy video clip URL Helen has a nice moment with one of the young students.

41:30Copy video clip URL Two girls get into a fight when one steals toy “ice cream” from the other. A few minutes later another girl gets angry with her and steals the “ice cream” again. Meanwhile, two more gets get into a fight over who will ride the big wheel. Helen tries to deal with problems of politics of sharing.

51:20Copy video clip URL Kids use camera to look at each other.

56:00Copy video clip URL A boy takes a lady bug out of a girl’s hair and the kids watch and play with the bug before it flies away.

59:20Copy video clip URL Helen sits and talks to the kids in group session.

62:12Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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