[Helen Stern at Mary Meyer School #2]

This is a continuation of tape 11427 and continues to show Helen Stern, a preschool teacher, at the Mary Meyer School, followed by an interview in a kitchen.

0:00Copy video clip URL Helen Stern reads to children in group session at the school. There is a brief break on the original tape during this segment, which happens about 5 seconds in.

7:30Copy video clip URL Cut to a kitchen. Helen talks about her work. “I’m just delighted that you’re doing this, but I am basically very shy.” She talks quietly about Mary Meyer. She says that the key to being an effective teacher is to “bring your own self into it.” She talks about what parents want for a kid’s education: “They want to bring home art projects.” She says that approval of the program is often tied to the children’s intelligence than achievement. Kids think: “they would like me if I was smarter.”

21:20Copy video clip URL “I like moms and dads.”

21:37Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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