[Helen Stern at Mary Meyer School #3]

This is a continuation of tape 11427 and 11438 and shows more of an interview with Helen Stern, a preschool teacher at Mary Meyer School.

0:00Copy video clip URL Helen Stern talking to Tom Weinberg and Belinda Gold about a program for extremely young children and their parents.

1:51Copy video clip URL Helen talks about how to discipline children. She thinks one should approach with the positive, not the negative – i.e. not “don’t hit,” but rather “use your hands to…”

3:30Copy video clip URL Helen and Weinberg talk about children’s amazing memory, and how one should never say things that one might regret, because they might remember it for years.

4:20Copy video clip URL Helen returns to the topic of discipline. She talks about Francis Parker School graduates and their special interest in caring for children.

7:25Copy video clip URL Helen talks about the importance of the social aspect of schooling. She then talks about fire drills and how bizarre they are for the children.

11:00Copy video clip URL Helen and Belinda talk again about how it is often better to hire people without degrees in education.

13:05Copy video clip URL Helen talks about a former student who had gotten thrown out from another school. There is a cut because she doesn’t want to embarrass the student. They finish talking about the child after the cut.

15:37Copy video clip URL Helen talks about how to discipline difficult children. She says children who have been hit by another child don’t feel better until action has been taken against the offender.

17:45Copy video clip URL Helen talks about the merits of home schooling and whether it is possible for all children.

23:59Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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