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0:00 Black.

0:32 Car tire commercial.

1:03 Bob’s Big Boy commercial.

1:34 Channel 2 News at 6 with Connie Chung and Brent Mussberger. They talk about the president arriving to visit the Rodriguez family. President Carter visited the family for Cinco de Mayo. Lots of video problems here. People in the community talk about their excitement over the visit.

3:55 Carla Rodriguez and her husband talk about their excitement about the visit. Stephen Rodriguez says the visit won’t help Carter politically with any specific group, but should show lots of sensitivity. Color goes in and out during this segment.

5:02 Jesus Hernandez signs off and sends the report back to Connie and Brent.

5:38 Connie Chung reports on Congressional problems with passing Carter’s progressive changes.

6:00 Brent Mussberger talks about gasoline overcharges. Video tracking is sketchy on this section. Connie and Brent give various reports about crime in the city.

6:55 Report on a man shot down while being chased by an undercover police officer.

8:30 Commercial for Olympia Gold Light Beer. “Only one can be called the right light.”

9:00 Ole’s Home Center, commercial for home improvement shows.

9:10 Mussberger talks about John Wayne’s stable condition after his third surgery of the year.

9:33 Chung talks about Kenneth Hahn, LA County Supervisor, returning to work after an ailment. He talks about not supporting rent control laws, except for emergency senior citizen conditions.

10:45 Mussberger reports on the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Jim Giggans reports on HUD bud get cutbacks. Single parents talk about the importance of daycare facilities and other social services. Henry Rios, visiting a medical center, talks about needing medical treatment after being beaten. The Spanish community plans on talking to President Carter about the problem.

13:40 Mussberger talks about new county plans to put people who receive food stamps to work.

13:55 Chung reports on the building of a new animal shelter. Dave Lopez reports the segment. Burke Bussiere, head of the shelter, talks about the economical plans for the lavish shelter. Residents of Downey say that the investment is worth it.

16:20 Mussberger and Chung banter, then lead out to commercial.

17:00 Commercial for Bridgestone Steel-Belted Radial Tires, featuring a floating firebird landing on tires.

17:32 Commercial for I. Magnin perfumes.

18:02 Commercial for Good Seasons salad dressing mix.

18:32 Commercial for Insta-Tune featuring satisfied customer James E. Carter.

19:02 Chung reports about the calling-in of National Guard troops in Alabama to stop a strike.

19:29 Julius Kravitz, a store owner, was killed in Cleveland, Ohio, by two people wanting $1million.

19:55 Chung reports on a visit by the Japanese Prime Minister.

20:30 Musberger reports on a tournament of lawn bowling. Video problems during this segment.

21:17 Weatherman walks onto the screen and points out the weather to viewers. Video problems persist through segment. He gives an air quality report: Not So Hot. The anchors and weatherman Steve banter over the song “MacArthur Park” while anchors sign off for commercial.

23:54 Commercial for Riviera’s, a furniture store.

24:24 Commercial for Ole’s Reflecto-Shield

24:54 Commercial for new Konica Auto-Focus Camera.

25:24 Commercial for Life Magazine.

25:54 Musberger introduces a Linda Douglas report on money and churches.

26:54 Reverend Hakeem Abdul Rasheed preaches the gospel of the almighty dollar to his congregation. His message: the lack of money is the root of all evil. Not surprisingly, the church has made Rasheed a rich man. Douglas introduces him as a college-educated kid from Detroit. His church is now operating in Southern California, in a strip mall in Tarzana. For a small cost, Hakeem ordains you as a minister. One of the swindled, Dan, doesn’t see much possibility of getting his money back. Hakeem says the money will multiply through God. The color goes out for this segment.

30:41 The reporter describes the scheme as a Ponzi Scheme, a form of con. Hakeem has recently been arrested for evading his Income Tax. Hakeem says, ” God was here before the IRS. Do you believe that?”

32:50 Douglas returns to Connie and Brent. They discuss how many people are starting to call police on Rakeem. Sign-off to commercial.

33:40 Commercial for Boise Cascade Corporation.

34:40 Commercial for Norelco Smoke Detector at Builders Emporium.

35:10 Commercial for Mellow Roast Coffee.

35:40 Chung reports on nuclear power plant pollution. Mussberger gives a brief report, then talks about a potential increase in oil prices.

37:06 Bill Stout gives his perspective on Carter’s visit to East LA after his inability to give previous support for Mexican-Americans. Manuel Lopez, an Anti-Carter Organizer, lists several grievances. Out to commercial.

39:18 Commercial for Sizzler restaurant, and their delicious Turkey Marco Polo.

39:48 Commercial for Dacron Levi’s Sportswear at May Company.

40:19 Commercial for Anacin Arthritis Pain Formula.

40:49 Commercial for Home Savings.

41:18 Connie Chung reports on near-misses during airplane flight. NASA complains about ground control. Chung also reports on finding replacements for gasoline. She introduces Methanol, a replacement.

42:10 A reporter discusses how methanol can be made from much garbage, it is much cleaner, and much much cheaper. A fuel specialist talks about heavy resistance from the Jerry Brown administration.

43:48 Musberger introduces a segment about the Country Music Awards. The big winner is expected to be Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler.”

44:39 Commercial for 64 KFI, a radio station.

45:08 Commercial for British Columbia, Canada. Someone sings the word “Supernatural ” many times in a row.

45:38 Commercial for Boise Cascade Corporation.

46:08 Commercial for Brim Decaffeinated Coffee. “Fill it right to the rim–with Brim!”

46:38 Brent talks about recent sports events. He shows a segment on a Yankees pitcher. He introduces Eamonn Coghlan, the Mile record holder.

48:30 Coghlan talks about the differences between running indoors and outdoors. He gives LA runners some advice: take it easy.

49:22 Musberger introduces a clip of Coghlan winning the record. Coghlan talks about his feelings on winning the record, and talks with Chung about looking behind him while he runs. Chung seems extremely interested in running. He also discusses jet lag.

51:35 Chung introduces Wall Street Numbers, then a commercial break.

51:54 Commercial for Public Insurance Service.

52:23 Commercial for American Express Traveler’s Checks featuring Karl Malden.

52:54 Commercial for Max Factor lipstick.

53:24 Commercial for Singapore Airlines, mainly featuring luring, exotic women.

54:00 Brent summarizes story about Carter’s visit.

54:30 Chung summarizes John Wayne’s surgery. Video problems here. She also re-summarizes the police shooting mentioned earlier in the show.

55:23 Musberger introduces a segment about the Japanese Tea Ceremony by Kerry Millerick. Video problems here-color goes in and out. He talks about the key-humility. He describes the whole event as a philosophical exercise, but doesn’t seem to get anything too deep out of it.

58:43 Brent and Connie banter about tea. The two anchors sign off.

59:15 A Channel 2 Editorial by Van Gordon Sauter about local problems with arson.

1:00:25 Commercial for Urban Leagues.

1:00:55 Commercial for Cool Whip.

1:00:25 Commercial for new Porsche by professional racers.

1:01:01 Commercial for Hollywood Park.

1:02:13 Start of the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite.

1:02:32 End of tape.



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