[Ralph Stanley’s Clinch Mountain Boys]

Interviews with musicians from bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley's band, preceded by lengthy footage of their motorhome driving through rural highways.

00:26Copy video clip URL Footage shot through the front window of a car driving on a rural highway. A motor home is directly in front. 

08:35Copy video clip URL Camera troubles. Quickly fixed. 

11:40Copy video clip URL Gets out of the car, zooms in on the motorhome, which has the words “Ralph Stanley” painted on it. 

12:34Copy video clip URL Direct address to camera. An interview with the 18-year-old Junior Blankenship, who plays lead guitar for Stanley, about his life and his musical style.

20:41Copy video clip URL Blankenship discusses the popularity of bluegrass music among young people, and his thoughts on “progressive bluegrass.” He prefers “the old-time sound.”

23:15Copy video clip URL Interview with mandolin player Dan Marshall about growing up in a musical family loving bluegrass music. 

26:40Copy video clip URL Thoughts on “progressive bluegrass” or “newgrass.” Marshall thinks it’s fine to develop new style but that Stanley’s style of music is the backbone of the genre. He explains how Stanley encouraged him to try new things. 

32:10Copy video clip URL Discussion of Stanley’s current show, which Stanley has been touring with various musicians for five years. 




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