[Vanishing Act raw: HII Dub]

Raw footage for Vanishing Act: Vaudeville in Chicago.

0:17Copy video clip URL Color bars. 

0:29Copy video clip URL Camera opens on man being interviewed by Will Clinger. They talk about what it was like for him to leave the spotlight. Clinger asks him to talk about some of the stars he worked with. They talk about shows they performed on.

5:40Copy video clip URL They talk about present day performers that he admires. They talk about an average day for a performer, and how much money he made. They continue talking about other performers. 

13:35Copy video clip URL Clinger asks how he felt about black face. He says that he only resents the material that they would use that would be derogatory to black people. He talks about discrimination against black performers. Clinger asks about comedy and writing material, and then about how booking worked. 

17:25Copy video clip URL They talk about some of the places that they performed around the world. 

18:40Copy video clip URL Color bars. The video opens on the interview again. They talk about his regrets as a performer, and the break-up of his act after the death of one of his co-performers. 

25:45Copy video clip URL They talk about some of the acts that he has been with, and continue the discussion about people he has worked with. They talk about the death of Vaudeville. 

30:20Copy video clip URL They talk about how his act ended, and the risk associated with the stunts he performed in Vaudeville. He talks about criticism and popularity.



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