Hiring Line

The video contains a 1972 pilot for "Hiring Line," a show dedicated to making job listings available to the public. The show offers viewers the opportunity to call and inquire about the jobs, as well as presenting general consumer information. This is a color copy of the program.

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0:00Copy video clip URL This video begins with a countdown and slate. Afterward, we are greeted by the hosts of Hiring Line, Carol Kleiman and Richard Steele. The two read aloud a number of job listings in the Chicago area. The first jobs are openings for truck drivers, filter press operators, and a listing for automobile mechanics that offers on-the-job training.

6:22Copy video clip URL Carol introduces us to the guests on the show. Vice President of Training Associates Incorporated Leon Halford, Manager of Special Employments Projects of Board/Warner Corporation Miles Reed, and Counselor Coach for Jewel Company Gilbert Williams talk about their work-training programs. This lasts for several minutes.

10:24Copy video clip URL Steele introduces a segment entitled, “Making it.” Kleiman hosts a segment on “how to buy a car without being taken for a ride.” She speaks with Sherim Abrams about what a consumer needs in a car. Abrams emphasizes the need for consumers to not give in to impulse buying, by taking the time to go home and consider their purchases before making them, saying “when you get away from the scene of the crime, literally speaking, you can generally think clearer.” Kleiman also asks Abrams about financing.

13:00Copy video clip URL Kleiman also speaks with Otis Smith, an owner of an auto garage. Smith takes Kleiman through the steps one should take before buying a used car. This lasts for several minutes. (Previously recorded film footage.)

17:27Copy video clip URL Footage of cars in a junkyard rolls. Kleiman talks about the subject of  depreciation. This lasts for several minutes.

20:01Copy video clip URL Cut back to the studio. Steele encourages viewers to call. Shortly afterward, he begins to read off more job listings, including a job for truck operators which has “a real affirmative action program” for promoting minorities and handicapped workers. Other jobs listed are for nurse aids and orderlies, an automobile stamping plant, and arc welders.

24:12Copy video clip URL Cut back to the guests. Halford, Reed and Williams talk about jobs for women and affirmative action. This lasts for several minutes.

28:36Copy video clip URL Cut to the end credits.

29:17Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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