[The 90’s raw: Hiroshima #1]

Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90's. Part one of Jane Aaron's trip to Hiroshima, Japan. In this section, Aaron visits Peace Memorial Park and Mount Misen.

00:03Copy video clip URL Start video.

00:04Copy video clip URL Jane Aaron, Peter Aaron, and Skip Blumberg have fun experimenting with the video camera before Jane’s trip to Japan.

1:40Copy video clip URL Shot an airport runway before takeoff.

2:28Copy video clip URL The airplane begins moving.

2:40Copy video clip URL Shot of airplane passengers.

3:10Copy video clip URL The airplane takes off headed for Japan. The buildings shrink as the plane moves farther away from the earth until they are specks that separate the skyline.

4:35Copy video clip URL Overhead shot of the earth and clouds.

5:23Copy video clip URL Shot of clock showing that Jane Aaron awakes in Tokyo at five thirty six. She pans the camera to the window where she opens the shades and reveals the Japanese skyline.

6:50Copy video clip URL Jane Aaron sits in on a meeting where they discuss matters of an upcoming film festival.

8:04Copy video clip URL Jane Aaron goes through a woman’s bathroom in Japan showing the difference between eastern and western toilets.

8:30Copy video clip URL Visitors stand around a model of Hiroshima as a tour guide gives geographical information of the city.

11:20Copy video clip URL Tour guide tells a personal story about his surviving the blast of the atomic bomb saying, “At the time of detonation, I was in the classroom and my desk was in the center of the classroom so the light of the detonation did not reach me.”

13:48Copy video clip URL Shot of taxi driver’s identification.

14:23Copy video clip URL Shot of various food as Jane Aaron and friend prepare to go into a restaurant. Jane Aaron makes a quick stop into a pachinko.

17:00Copy video clip URL Jane Aaron enters the dining area of a shabu-shabu restaurant. She is greeted with applause amongst the many guests.

17:22Copy video clip URL Jane Aaron observes the process of dipping thinly sliced beef into water to cook it.

21:35Copy video clip URL Jane Aaron takes a drink of sake.

22:20Copy video clip URL Jane Aaron explains where she lives through a translator.

25:55Copy video clip URL Jane Aaron finds out that one of the other guests at the dinner grew up close to where she did in New York.

27:20Copy video clip URL Jane Aaron enters taxi after the dinner.

27:50Copy video clip URL Shot of Japanese television which contains a scene of a film crew shooting a film.

29:50Copy video clip URL Man explains the ingredients of his lunch.

30:53Copy video clip URL Jane Aaron tours a Japanese shopping street, which is essentially a mall with a singular pathway with shops set up on either side. While inside, she discovers a Japanese McDonald’s.

35:20Copy video clip URL Jane Aaron enters a Japanese candy shop.

36:35Copy video clip URL Shot of advertisement for Coca-Cola.

37:22Copy video clip URL Students walk in a line in Peace Memorial park.

39:26Copy video clip URL Shot of The Children’s Peace Monument in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

40:00Copy video clip URL The television plays a Japanese musical group.

43:00Copy video clip URL Workers sweep Peace Memorial park while school children smile and wave into the camera.

46:35Copy video clip URL Group of female students say, “Hello, welcome to The 90’s.”

49:45Copy video clip URL Group enters restaurant. They sit down to a meal of Sukiyaki. Native Japanese attempt to explain Kobe beef to Aaron.

53:20Copy video clip URL Shot of video crew and equipment.

54:02Copy video clip URL Shot of the various paper cranes that people have created in remembrance of Sadako Sasaki.

55:35Copy video clip URL Woman explains the story behind The Children’s Peace Memorial: “This is a statue dedicated to a girl who died of A-bomb disease. She was hospitalized for a few months. There is an old Japanese story that says if someone who is very sick continues to fold 1,000 cranes, then that person may recover from that disease.”

58:32Copy video clip URL Shot of boats lined up along a dock.

58:50Copy video clip URL Camera pans from boats to the Genbaku Dome which is one of the few buildings left standing after the atomic bomb blast.

1:01:30Copy video clip URL Shot of Japanese street sign.

1:01:20Copy video clip URL Jane Aaron tours an electronics store focusing on video cameras and televisions.

1:05:10Copy video clip URL Shot of a vending machine that vends canned hot coffee.

1:05:40Copy video clip URL Various long shots of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

1:06:00Copy video clip URL Long shot of Japanese baseball stadium.

1:07:30Copy video clip URL Jane Aaron and her group of colleagues walk along a dock.

1:09:30Copy video clip URL Shot of Japanese Mountains.

1:10:13Copy video clip URL On the deck of a ship, a man and woman play a game in which the objective is to throw a metal ring onto various pegs which have different number values.

1:13:30Copy video clip URL School children wave and throw up peace signs to the camera.

1:14:10Copy video clip URL Close up of deer.

1:14:40Copy video clip URL Jane Aaron begins to climb the steps of Mount Misen.

1:16:00Copy video clip URL Shot of Mount Misen sign.

1:19:36Copy video clip URL Diagram of the complete route of Mount Misen.

1:21:21Copy video clip URL She reaches the summit of Mount Misen

1:23:00Copy video clip URL She travels down the steps of the mountain.

1:23:15Copy video clip URL Shot of monkeys on the trail of the mountain.

1:24:39Copy video clip URL Aaron enters the lift to go down the mountain. She films the mountains from out the window while the lift takes her down.

1:27:00Copy video clip URL The group transfers from one lift to the other.

1:29:45Copy video clip URL Several people eat lunch while surrounding deer approach them for food.

1:31:35Copy video clip URL Shot of koi fish pond.

1:32:25Copy video clip URL Janen Aaron crosses a bridge.

1:32:50Copy video clip URL Shot of telephones.

1:34:15Copy video clip URL Jane Aaron enters boat to head back to her hotel.

1:35:10Copy video clip URL She tours her hotel room showing the bed, television, teapot, clock, telephone, and bathroom.

1:36:27Copy video clip URL Japanese baseball plays on the television.

1:39:35Copy video clip URL Jane Aaron travel around a stores electronics department focusing on portable televisions.

1:43:54Copy video clip URL Jane Aaron films around an art opening at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

1:46:40Copy video clip URL Jane Aaron tours around what she refers to as a “typical Japanese office.”

1:48:00Copy video clip URL Jane Aaron tries out a recliner which plays music and vibrates to the beat of the music.

1:53:40Copy video clip URL The curator of the exhibit speaks to Aaron.

1:54:18Copy video clip URL A group of people involved with the art exhibit go out to eat afterwards. They laugh and joke as they sit around the bar of the restaurant.

1:55:02Copy video clip URL Tracking shot up to the Peace Memorial.

1:58:08Copy video clip URL Shot of school children smiling at the camera.

1:59:15Copy video clip URL Shot of Japanese street sign.

1:59:30Copy video clip URL Pigeons crowd in the parks and next to people in search of food.

2:01:05Copy video clip URL Boys hold out food for pigeons as the pigeons fly onto their arms and feed out of their hands.

2:03:28Copy video clip URL Couple sits on a park bench feeding the pigeons.

2:04:10Copy video clip URL End video.

2:04:34Copy video clip URL End tape.



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