[The 90’s raw: Hiroshima #2]

Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90's. Jane Aaron tours everything from Pachinkos to Ryoan-ji in Japan.

00:00Copy video clip URL Start tape.

00:08Copy video clip URL Japanese woman asks videomaker Jane Aaron if she would like coffee or tea.

00:36Copy video clip URL Japanese woman says, “Hello, welcome to The 90’s” in both Japanese and English.

01:40Copy video clip URL Japanese news plays over the television.

04:20Copy video clip URL Japanese children show in which a man dressed as a cowboy enters a restaurant.

06:30Copy video clip URL Aaron describes her breakfast.

07:59Copy video clip URL Poster containing the image of the mangled finger of a 14 year old child to remember the 45th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima.

10:56Copy video clip URL Aaron visits an international telephone service.

11:55Copy video clip URL Aaron observes the office of a Japanese television network.

12:55Copy video clip URL Aaron explores a Pachinko which is almost a hybrid of a slot machine and pinball.

17:27Copy video clip URL Shot of a market selling fruits a jewelry, animals, and bicycle.

19:20Copy video clip URL Vending machine that sells alcohol.

20:40Copy video clip URL Aaron interviews a Japanese girl about her trip to the United States.

23:58Copy video clip URL Shot of small alley containing various shops.

26:40Copy video clip URL Aaron tours a friend’s home.

28:00Copy video clip URL Aaron tours Ryoan-ji

30:46Copy video clip URL Shot of koi fish.

32:00Copy video clip URL Shot of waterfall.

34:10Copy video clip URL Tourists take photographs of the rock garden.

36:30Copy video clip URL Turtles rest on a rock in the middle of a pond.

37:50Copy video clip URL Statues of Buddhist Monks.

43:38Copy video clip URL Japanese newsstands.

44:18Copy video clip URL Aaron attempts to figure out a Japanese ticket vending machine.

46:20Copy video clip URL Aaron enters train.

49:00Copy video clip URL Train arrives at station.

52:00Copy video clip URL Aaron shoots a tracking shot of Japanese landscape out of the window of a train.

56:00Copy video clip URL Train arrives at the station.

56:05Copy video clip URL End video

56:44Copy video clip URL End tape.



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