[The 90’s raw: Hiroshima #3]

Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90's. Jane Aaron takes us on a tour of Hiroshima, Japan in 1989.

00:01Copy video clip URL Start tape/video. Passengers place their belongings in the overhead compartment on a train to Hiroshima.

00:45Copy video clip URL Camera pans from the interior of the train to the city skyline.

02:00Copy video clip URL Passengers exit and enter the train.

02:55Copy video clip URL Food service cart goes down the aisle of the train.

04:49Copy video clip URL Videomaker Jane Aaron exits the train at Hiroshima. She walks down the terminal amongst the other passengers.

06:10Copy video clip URL Aaron arrives at the ticket counter and hands her ticket to the ticket taker.

06:45Copy video clip URL Aaron enters a taxicab and hands the driver a piece of paper with the address of her destination on it.

08:20Copy video clip URL Aaron arrives at her hotel, hands the taxi driver her fare, enters the hotel, and is greeted by a man at the counter.

09:27Copy video clip URL The 1989 World Invitational Double Dutch championship plays on Japanese television in Aaron’s hotel room.

11:45Copy video clip URL Aaron switches through channels stopping briefly on a Japanese talk show before retuning again to the double dutch competition.

12:35Copy video clip URL Japanese flag blows in the air until there is a cross dissolve into an image of the earth and the NHK logo and the station goes off air.

13:46Copy video clip URL Aaron enters an elevator.

14:40Copy video clip URL Aaron enters a dining room where she has breakfast with friends.

16:38Copy video clip URL Aaron checks out of the hotel.

18:12Copy video clip URL Aaron exits the hotel to get an exterior shot.

20:00Copy video clip URL A line of people gather outside the theatre connected to the hotel. Most hold up umbrellas to block the sun.

20:55Copy video clip URL Shot of events playing at the theatre.

21:15Copy video clip URL Shot of security locks for umbrellas.

23:16Copy video clip URL Camera goes through security check at airport.

23:45Copy video clip URL Aaron arrives on the plane headed back to New York.

24:00Copy video clip URL Aaron talks with the passenger sitting next to her.

25:30Copy video clip URL Plane takes off from Tokyo airport.

27:00Copy video clip URL Aaron arrives back in New York. The taxi driver packs her bags into the trunk of the taxi. They both enter the cab as Aaron discusses her trip to Japan.

30:50Copy video clip URL Aaron arrives at her apartment in New York.

32:07Copy video clip URL End tape.



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