Hollywood Comes To Chicago

This short documentary details how the Chicago film scene grew under Lucy Salenger's direction, specifically following John Landis as he scouts locations for Blues Brothers.

0:08Copy video clip URL The film opens with a newscaster speaking about the rising prominence of Chicago’s film scene.

0:30Copy video clip URL A woman with a clapperboard marks the first take of “Hollywood Comes to Chicago.”

0:49Copy video clip URL John Landis, director of The Blues Brothers, speaks about that film — and encourages viewers to go see it when it’s released.

1:12Copy video clip URL The film cuts to Lucy Salenger, the director of the Illinois Film Office, as she speaks on the achievements of her office.

2:04Copy video clip URL Landis returns, this time speaking about the reason that Blues Brothers is going to be shot in Chicago — the story is based there.

2:45Copy video clip URL The scene cuts to the Aragon Ballroom, as Landis scouts the location.

3:15Copy video clip URL The scene cuts back to Salenger, who continues speaking on the responsibilities of her office.

3:35Copy video clip URL Steven Deutsch, a producer of Somewhere in Time, speaks on how commendable the efforts of Salenger have been.

4:04Copy video clip URL Jeannot Szwarc, Somewhere in Time’s director, also speaks on the importance of Salenger’s help in ensuring his shoot ran smoothly.

4:18Copy video clip URL Frankie Hill, an extra from Somewhere in Time speaks about all of the movies that she’s been able to appear in — and how excited she is for the increasing number of job opportunities.

4:33Copy video clip URL Shirley Hamilton, a talent agent, speaks about the vitality of the Chicago performing-arts scene.

5:11Copy video clip URL The president of Teamsters Local 714, Bill Hogan Jr., talks about how he works with movie companies and Salenger to ensure that the companies are properly catered to.

5:44Copy video clip URL Frank Hobbs, the Vice President of IATSE Local 476 commends Salenger’s work in making Chicago “the best place in the whole country to shoot” a movie.

6:00Copy video clip URL Salenger attributes the success of her office — listing the impressive films that are being shot under her supervision — to the cooperation she has received from the mayor’s office, the CPD, and Governor Jim Thompson.

6:30Copy video clip URL Governor Jim Thompson appears, speaking to the strengths of Chicago when it comes to making movies.

6:50Copy video clip URL The film concludes with a short montage of clips.

7:21Copy video clip URL Film ends.



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