[Holmesburg Prison 1]

A panel discussion featuring incarcerated persons at Philadelphia's infamous Holmesburg Prison about a project to assist participants in adjusting to life after incarceration.

00:13Copy video clip URL The videographer sets up as the participants prepare for a panel discussion in an empty classroom. Lily Everett introduces the program in which she works with men incarcerated in Holmesburg prison. A psychologist working with the program introduces himself. 

03:29Copy video clip URL The incarcerated persons introduce themselves, explaining their position within the program. 

05:19Copy video clip URL The attendees discuss the origin of the program and its function within the prison, including group and individual preparation for life after incarceration.

15:45Copy video clip URL A discussion of drugs in the lives and histories of the population of Holmsburg. The program is concerned with helping incarcerated persons receive the help they need but is not geared towards addressing the specific needs of drug and alcohol addiction.

23:25Copy video clip URL A priest speaks about the need for developing community and fellowship among the incarcerated population.

25:05Copy video clip URL Incarcerated panelists discuss the difficulties of isolation and separation at Holmsburg. 

27:05Copy video clip URL The panelists discuss the overwhelming racial disparities in Holmsburg’s incarcerated population, in which the inmates are almost entirely black. 

28:20Copy video clip URL A panelist discusses his own biography, relating his drug use and the ways that fueled other criminal behavior. 



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