[Holmesburg Prison 3]

A panel discussion featuring incarcerated persons at Philadelphia's infamous Holmesburg Prison about a project to assist participants in adjusting to life after incarceration.

00:10Copy video clip URL One of the incarcerated members of the panel discusses the narrowing of choices for someone who has spent time in prison. Another discusses the need for community and cooperation. The priest expresses skepticism and discusses the differences between the regimented life of prison and the freedom of outside. He is concerned about developing a dependency on the institution. 

04:00Copy video clip URL An incarcerated person on the panel discusses the nature of regimented life and the development of dependency on that regimentation in prison. Organizer Lilly Everett discusses the possibility for cooperation and support systems for both formerly incarcerated persons and for the black community. 

08:34Copy video clip URL One of the incarcerated members of the panel responds to a question about his own tendencies to be a “loner” and his relationship with his family. The priest again brings up the idea of dependency on prison. 

12:02Copy video clip URL Another member of the panel and the psychologist discuss behavior with family. The psychologist again brings up dependency on the institution. 

15:00Copy video clip URL The priest asks the incarcerated members to discuss what the “Relate” program has meant to them as individuals. Each speaks about their experiences and their 

21:10Copy video clip URL End of recording. 



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