Home Births

A young couple discuss the home birth of their son, and the reasons that led to their decision not to deliver their child in a hospital.

0:03Copy video clip URL Audio starts, but no video.

0:06Copy video clip URL Video starts. The news reporter introduces Ellen Martin, who discusses her decision to have a home birth. Martin says that hospitals are generally places of illness, and she did not associate her pregnancy with illness. She believes hospitals are impersonal, and she preferred to give birth in her home with her family. She did not feel unsafe, and she would definitely have a home birth in the future.

2:38Copy video clip URL The reporter asks Martin if she thinks having a home birth made a difference to her son, Ethan. Martin believes that the home birth brought them closer together, and that Ethan received more care and attention than he would have had in a hospital. She also says that her parents were initially horrified by the idea of a home birth, but they eventually came around to the idea.

5:06Copy video clip URL This segment shows b-roll from the interview.

6:56Copy video clip URL The reporter introduces Chris Martin, Ellen’s husband. He shared Ellen’s opinions about the home birth. Chris says that the only time he was nervous during the home birth was while they were waiting for the doctor to arrive. Like Ellen, he felt that being closely and immediately involved with Ethan right from the time of his birth strengthened his relationship with his son. Chris also says that there were financial considerations for having a home birth, and that it was much cheaper than a hospital birth.

10:07Copy video clip URL The video shows more b-roll from the interview, including footage of Martin’s son playing in the house with his parents.

15:58Copy video clip URL End of tape.





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