[Howard Zinn raw #10: Conclusion and discussion of “Marx in Soho”]

Final minutes of Howard Zinn's 1999 play Marx in Soho. Footage of Howard Zinn talking with audience members after the performance.

0:04Copy video clip URL Marx speaks of our estrangement from nature, each other, and ourselves. He says in order to change this, we must come together and take action.

1:20Copy video clip URL “Let’s not speak about capitalism or socialism. Let’s just speak of using the incredible wealth of the earth for human beings.” Marx makes the case for a society that ensures a pleasant life for every single person.

3:01Copy video clip URL The performance ends and the audience applauds. The actor playing Marx returns to the stage to give credit to Howard Zinn.

3:22Copy video clip URL Zinn mills about and converses with audience members after the performance. The audience praises the actor portraying Marx.

9:30Copy video clip URL Zinn and and an audience member discuss whether it’d be better to portray Marx as unpleasant or pleasant.

12:26Copy video clip URL Zinn and audience members debate the play’s representation of Bakunin and his ideas.

14:55Copy video clip URL Zinn talks about the limits to what he can do as a playwright to promote his work. “[Playwrights] need producers, they need theater companies, and it’s a very chaotic world in which you enter.” He says there are only a handful of publishing companies but there are thousands of theater companies and a lot of labor involved in staging a play, so it’s a lot easier to take your work to publishers than to theater companies.



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