[Howard Zinn raw #40]

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Assortment of newsreel footage on the Vietnam War.

0:32 Universal International News title shots

0:50 Indo-China: Wounded Evacuated From Dien Bien Phu (Voice: Ed Herlihy). Newsreel report on French and American aerial strikes against the Viet Minh at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu. Also focuses on the diplomatic situation and the medical care provided to those wounded in the strikes.

2:38 News in Brief (Voice: Ed Herlihy). Newsreel report on President Eisenhower’s visit to Charlotte, North Carolina for its Freedom Day celebrations.

3:07 Newsreel footage of minesweepers in Vietnam.

3:54 Indo-China: Reds, French Locked In Crucial Battle (Voice: Ed Herlihy). Newsreel report on the Battle of Dien Bien Phu

4:53 U.S.S. Long Beach: First U.S. Nuclear Ship Is Launched. Sparse footage after title screen.

5:18 Footage of President John F. Kennedy delivering his inaugural address.

6:06 Footage of President Richard Nixon’s helicopter landing.

6:39 President Richard Nixon delivers a public statement on television regarding negotiations with the North Vietnamese. He uses a large map of Southeast Asia to show where the Viet Cong have been attacking from.

9:20 Newsreel report on the Vietnam War. A United States helicopter is shot down and U.S. soldiers run to get to other helicopters.

11:54 Newsreel report on United States servicemen returning to Seattle and New York at the end of WWII.

13:31 U.S. Bolsters Forces: Planes and Men Rushed to Asia. Newsreel report on United States naval victories in the Vietnam War. President Johnson delivers remarks on the need to stand by the government and people of South Vietnam. Footage from a U.N. Security Council meeting, featuring testimony from a U.S. ambassador on attacks against U.S. naval vessels. The narrator praises the United States congress for coming together to support the president.

19:27 Newsreel report on protests against General Khanh in South Vietnam and U.S. soldiers fighting in Vietnam.

22:00 Vietnam Horror: Bomb Rips U.S. Embassy. Newsreel report on a car bomb attack in Saigon.

22:28 Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara leads a press conference on U.S. success and strategy in the Vietnam War.

24:41 Newsreel report on wounded soldiers returning to the United States from Vietnam. Newsreel report on the successful evacuation of U.S. soldiers. Newsreel report on displaced Vietnamese peasants who had their villages burned.

27:42 Peace March: Thousands Oppose Vietnam War. Newsreel report on an anti-war demonstration, featuring draft card burning, counter-protesters.

28:47 Newsreel report on an anti-war demonstration in San Francisco.

29:20 Newsreel report on a battle in Vietnam.

30:38 Videotape footage of U.S. soldiers boarding a transport ship at an airfield (no audio).

32:42 Newsreel report on the aftermath of the Battle of Hue.

34:09 U.S. vs Mississippi: Campus Riots Mark Integration. Newsreel report on the controversy surrounding the admission of James H. Meredith, a black student, to the University of Mississippi.

35:00 Newsreel report on the anti-war demonstration at the Pentagon.

35:21 Footage of a U.S. soldier receiving field treatment for his wounds, U.S. soldiers on duty, U.S. bombers flying over a forest. (no sound)

38:19 Footage of President Nixon at a meeting with advisers (no sound). Nixon takes a walk outside with Henry Kissinger.



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