[Howard Zinn raw #41]

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Newsreel and stock footage pertaining to the Vietnam War, the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

0:47 MIT Professor Noam Chomsky talks about his increasing involvement with anti-war activities.

1:08 A young man resisting the draft and his father explain their actions and choices.

1:33 Noam Chomsky talks about the necessity of direct resistance against the Vietnam War.

2:04 A draft resister speaks at a press conference announcing that he is destroying his selective service cards.

2:48 Chomsky says that the government is starting to crack down against and intimidate protesters and demonstrators.

3:41 One of the men charged with conspiracy alongside Dr. Benjamin Spock offers some remarks on the Justice Department’s handling of the situation.

4:36 Chomsky shares his thoughts on the appropriate strategy for the anti-war movement in light of the government’s legal challenge against draft evasion.

4:57 Footage from a draft-card burning event.

5:58 Noam Chomsky says new modes of political action are necessary to bring about institutional change.

7:17 Newsreel report on recent American military activity in Vietnam surrounding Operation Castor.

8:12 Newsreel report on the conclusion of the Battle of Dien Bien Phu, including the evacuation of wounded soldiers and civilians.

9:47 Footage of U.S. soldiers interrogating a Viet Cong soldier, building fortifiations

10:24 Excerpt from documentary on the origins of aviation and the American military’s investment in the development of aviation technology.

12:32 Newsreel report on the passage of the Housing Act of 1961 (no sound). Governor Ross Barnett of Mississippi testifies in the United States senate against the bill (sound). Footage from the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom (no sound).

16:03 Footage of President Kennedy meeting with veterans, servicemen, Native Americans, African-Americans and students (no sound). Footage of President Kennedy and his family boarding an airplane, riding in a boat, walking around.

18:20 Documentary that appears to be about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Footage of a courtroom and the mafia. Shot of a large flow chart labeled “Masseria-Maranzano War and Evolution of Gang Control – 1930 to Present.”

20:20 Footage of a man in a suit seated at his desk speaking at the camera.

20:53 Footage related to Las Vegas, including the Strip, horses at the tracks, a business deal, Frank Sinatra, and the paparazzi.

21:45 In the courtroom, a defendant responds to questions.

22:17 The documentary continues, still without sound. Includes footage of President Kennedy, the courtroom, on-camera interviews, Fidel Castro, the Ku Klux Klan, hand-drawn recreations of the sniper shot, Robert Kennedy’s testimony.

38:08 Footage from the 1964 Democratic National Convention, USO performers in Vietnam, Washington D.C.

41:35 Robert Kennedy delivers remarks (sound).



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