[Howard Zinn raw #43: B-roll and newsreel footage various places and times]

Filmmaker Denis Mueller visits monuments and a museum near the site of the Ludlow Massacre. Also includes some newsreel footage.

0:04Copy video clip URL Shots of a statue dedicated to miners and miners’ families killed in the Ludlow Massacre.

8:39Copy video clip URL Shots of the landscape around Ludlow, Colorado.

12:07Copy video clip URL Still and tracking shots of photographs of Ludlow.

18:39Copy video clip URL Map of the mines, towns and railways around Ludlow.

19:08Copy video clip URL More still photographs from Ludlow. Includes photographs of the IWW, union rallies, the tent city, miners.

42:57Copy video clip URL Newsreel report on U.S. soldiers in Vietnam.

43:19 Violence: 24 Dead in Newark Riots. Newsreel report on the 1967 Newark Riots and the state response.

42:25Copy video clip URL Newsreel report on a rocket attack against the U.S. airbase in Da Nang, South Vietnam.

46:44Copy video clip URL Newsreel report on the port of Saigon.

47:17 Tragedy: Fire Ravages U.S.S. Forrestal. Newsreel report on a fire aboard a U.S. navy ship.

48:18Copy video clip URL Newsreel report on U.S. bombing campaigns and military activity in Vietnam. A cardinal and Bob Hope visit U.S. troops in Vietnam over Christmas.

50:47Copy video clip URL A newsreel report on a mobile legal services bus in New York City.



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