[Howard Zinn raw #60: Zinn speaks briefly about David Dellinger]

David Dellinger's 80th Birthday with Staughton Lynd and Howard Zinn.

0:04Copy video clip URL The camera opens on a few elderly people walking down the sidewalk. They go inside a building called “The Annex.” Cut to a shot of the street at night.

1:18Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Howard Zinn walking down the sidewalk. Cut to inside of a building during a party. Unsteady shots of the art on the walls, and of people talking. Close-ups of Zinn talking to some of the people at the party. 

10:00Copy video clip URL Someone asks him about the Southern Historical Association, and how it relates to the direction of activism today. Zinn says that he has fond memories of the association, and talks about one of their members. A woman comes up to Zinn and mentions how excited she is to see him again. 

14:15Copy video clip URL Footage of David Dellinger’s birthday party. People talk and eat, and the camera moves to different parts of the room. A woman comes on stage and thanks the organizers for setting up this event. She talks about Dellinger’s accomplishments and the things they are celebrating at this gala. She welcomes Zinn to the stage.

20:40Copy video clip URL Zinn comes on stage, and talks about his history with Dellinger, and some of Dellinger’s accomplishments. He concludes by saying that he hopes they can all continue to fight for “peace and justice,” in the way that Dellinger has. 

27:17Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of a banjo player. Some of the crowd sings along. 

33:00Copy video clip URL A speaker comes to tell a story about Dellinger’s time in the war.

35:50Copy video clip URL He introduces Dennis Brutus, a leader in the South African Liberation movement. He talks about some of his history, and then about Dellinger and Elizabeth Peterson. 

39:27Copy video clip URL They introduce another speaker, and the camera focuses on people in the audience and the lights in the room as she speaks. 

40:48Copy video clip URL Cut to a group of singers singing on stage. Camera focuses on Zinn watching them, and then on them performing. They are not quite synchronized as they sing. 

43:08Copy video clip URL Video cuts out. 

43:44Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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