[Howard Zinn raw #62: Zinn discusses conflict and how the U.S. could deal with it]

Panel discussion at Vermont International Film Festival with Howard Zinn, David Dellinger, Jay Craven, Lenny Weinglass, Jim Jones, Linda Blair.

[Continuation of  Tape 19557]

0:05Copy video clip URL Open on Howard Zinn at the panel discussion. He is discussing terrorism and 9/11.

2:08Copy video clip URL Cut to a different event that Zinn will be speaking at. A woman introduces him to the crowd while he waits near the back of the room. 

5:15Copy video clip URL Zinn comes onstage. He gets a standing ovation. He begins by asking how many people support the bombing that the United States is doing. He then begins to talk about the “necessity to speak out” about the things that one believes to be true, even when these things are not supported by the government or media. He talks about the way the public must interact with the government during wartime, and what democracy means in the United States. 

20:10Copy video clip URL Zinn moves to talk about the value of history in determining how to solve current problems. He brings up various historical events that lead to the United States being involved in war. He then moves to talk about the way all parts of the government support each other, especially during times of war, and that “governments lie.” He gives specific incidents of United States bombing of non-military targets. 

37:25Copy video clip URL Zinn says, “we have to end terrorism, and we need to begin to think about what we need to do to end terrorism.” He talks about how bombing is not the solution to ending terrorism. He focuses in to talk about the war in Afghanistan. 

44:10Copy video clip URL Zinn talks about his experience as a bombardier. He speaks about 9/11. He continues to bring up different examples of the way the United States has interacted with other countries in times of conflict. 

56:50Copy video clip URL Zinn talks about options for combatting terrorism beyond bombing. He proposes that they change America’s role in the world from being a “military superpower to being a moral superpower.”

1:05:02Copy video clip URL Cut to black.

[Continued in Tape 19558].



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