[Howard Zinn raw #64: Staughton Lynd is interviewed about time spent with Zinn in the South]

Interview with Staughton Lynd on Freedom Schools, history, Howard Zinn.

00:05Copy video clip URL Camera opens on an empty R&D Test Kitchen.

00:40Copy video clip URL Cut to Staughton Lynd talking about a book that investigated the assassinations of MLK Jr., Malcolm X, and the two Kennedys. 

2:30Copy video clip URL The interview begins and Lynd explains how he first met Howard Zinn when he went to work at a university in Alabama. He talks about what it was like to live in a black community. He mentions their “discovery” of Alice Walker.

16:50Copy video clip URL The interviewer asks him to speak about the way the Zinn and his wife interacted with students. Lynda gives some anecdotes about their home as center of activity. He talks about how much influence Zinn has had.

22:37Copy video clip URL The interviewer asks about what it was like to be a white professor working as an activist in the South. He names several specific student activists. He talks about a rumor that Atlanta University started about Zinn. They talk about Zinn’s relationship to authority. Lynd says, “the single most distinctive thing about Howard is his ability to relate to an audience.”

37:18Copy video clip URL Lynd talks about Dave Dellinger in conjunction with Zinn. He continues to talk about activist movements in the South that he worked with and their transition to concerns about foreign affairs. He talks about different approaches to history and the value of firsthand experience. He also mentions other activists that played invaluable roles. The interviewers praise his response, saying that they have been looking to include this kind of information.

51:45Copy video clip URL The interviewers speak for a moment about what they’re looking for. Lynd asks to add a couple more things to his response. He tells an anecdote about his relationship with Zinn, and the way that they worked together. He concludes with mention of another activist.

1:03:50Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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