[Howard Zinn raw #65]

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Interview with Slaughton Lynd on Freedom Schools, history, Howard Zinn. Howard Zinn drives to Kent State.

00:03 Camera opens on an interview with Slaughton Lynd. Denis Mueller asks Lynd to talk about the way of life of the SNCC (Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee) in the times that Howard Zinn was active with the group. He talks about his time living in a different commune with his wife. He then talks about the controversy of inviting white activists to come to Mississippi, potentially limiting black influence in their own movement. He mentions that this was something that he and Zinn disagreed on. 

9:14 Mueller asks him to talk about how Zinn became involved in labor movements. Lynd says that Zinn worked in a shipyard where he was very involved with union activities. Lynd mentions that Zinn has been fairly reticent about his involvement with labor movements, and wonders why that is. The other interviewer, Deb Ellis, mentions an anecdote that Zinn had told them about involvement in a labor event and his father. 

15:55 Lynd recounts the story of Zinn deciding to speak against the Vietnam War at a student event the same day he is being considered for a tenured position. 

19:46 Interview ends. They chat a bit more. 

21:58 Cut to Mueller, Ellis, and a few Kent state students picking up Zinn from an airport. Footage of them riding in the car. They start to talk about activist events that Kent State has had, as well as the events that are supporting his speech. Zinn asks if students are responding to the events. They talk about student dynamics. They talk about how the shooting at Kent State in 1970 has influenced the school. 

39:00 Zinn talks about events that he has recently attended or given speeches at. They talk about Noam Chomsky. Zinn talks about groups and people that he most likes to speak to. The students continue to tell Zinn about various events their campus is hosting. 

57:24 As they near the campus, they talk about what they would like Zinn to do at the event. They chat as they arrive. 

1:02:16 Tape ends. 

[Continued in Tape 19562].



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