[Howard Zinn raw #66]

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Howard Zinn gives a talk at Kent State University.

[Continuation of Tape 19561].

0:05 Camera opens on Howard Zinn in the car with two Kent State students on the way to the Kent State campus. They speak about Zinn’s play “Emma.” 

1:42 They arrive at a restaurant on campus and walk inside. Footage of Zinn eating with a few more Kent State students. Zinn tells a story about Henry Kissinger. 

6:49 Cut to a satirist musician that sings songs with activist messages. He introduces his song and begins to sing. Footage of him performing a series of songs. 

15:39 Cut to a man who recites a Robert Frost poem, “The Lone Striker.” He then recites a poem, “Southern Pacific,” by Carl Sandburg. He then recites an Emily Dickinson poem without a title. Finally, he reads some of his own poems.

29:45 A student comes onstage and introduces Zinn. Zinn begins by talking about Kent State and the events of 1970. He speaks about the historical context of the event and a movie that has been made with the events of Kent State as a background. Zinn then gives a short history of his life, and an explanation of how he became involved in worker’s issues. He speaks about his disillusionment with American society and government, and the myths perpetuated by these institutions. He then talks about his disappointment with American history books and their lack of representation of labor struggles. 

52:33 He talks about going to war in the Air Force, and how it changed how he thought about war. He speaks about his life after the war, and then eventually going to college. He talks about his first teaching job at Spellman College in Georgia, and becoming involved with the Civil Rights Movement and SNCC. He explains the complex dynamics between the college and the city of Atlanta. 

1:05:46 Tape ends.



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