[Howard Zinn raw #68: Zinn spends time signing books and speaking with audience members]

Footage of Howard Zinn signing books after a speaking engagement at Kent State.

00:08Copy video clip URL Camera opens on Howard Zinn leaving the stage after speaking at Kent State. Footage of some of the audience members. Zinn walks out into the lobby and sits at a table to sign autographs. He signs copies of his books and speaks briefly with the audience members.

4:44Copy video clip URL Camera asks people waiting in line what they thought of the performance and how they heard of him. Several attendees mention why they enjoyed the talk and how they first heard of Zinn. 

11:25Copy video clip URL The camera person talks to one of the student organizers about how they event went. Footage of the signing and people waiting in line. He speaks more in depth with some people who come up to the table, including a couple who are attending in lieu of their injured son. 

29:13Copy video clip URL Footage of Zinn leaving the building. 

30:41Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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