[Howard Zinn raw #69: A collection of historical footage and b-roll]

00:01Copy video clip URL “Statue of Liberty: September 3, 1898” Historical footage of the Statue of Liberty. No audio.

1:10Copy video clip URL “Panorama Water Front and Brooklyn Bridge from East River: May 20, 1903” Historical footage. 

3:52Copy video clip URL “Sky Scrapers of New York City, From the North River: May 20, 1903” Historical footage.

7:23Copy video clip URL ” Panorama of Blackwell’s Island, N.Y.: May 20, 1903″ Historical Footage. 

10:00Copy video clip URL “Emigrants [i.e. Immigrants], Landing at Ellis Island: July 24, 1903” Historical footage.

12:34Copy video clip URL “Arrival of Emigrants [i.e. Immigrants], Ellis Island: May 9, 1906” Historical footage.

16:16Copy video clip URL “Departure of Peary [and the] ‘Roosevelt’ from New York: July 28, 1905” Historical footage.

20:52Copy video clip URL “Panorama from Times Building, New York: April 11, 1905” Historical footage. 

23:27Copy video clip URL “Broadway & Union Square, New York: July 8, 1903” Historical footage. 

24:05Copy video clip URL “Lower Broadway: June 13, 1903” Historical footage.

25:47Copy video clip URL “Bargain Day, 14th Street, New York: April 20, 1905” Historical footage. 

27:21Copy video clip URL “New York City “Ghetto” Fish Market: May 20, 1903″ Historical footage.

30:23Copy video clip URL “Move On: October 27, 1903” Historical footage. 

32:27Copy video clip URL “Delivering Newspapers: April 24, 1903” Historical footage. 

33:29Copy video clip URL “A Street Arab: April 21, 1898” Historical footage.

34:31Copy video clip URL “At the Foot of the Flatiron: November 2, 1903” Historical footage.

37:05Copy video clip URL “What Happened on Twenty-Third Street, New York City: August 21, 1901” Historical footage.

38:34Copy video clip URL “Skating on Lake, Central Park: August 25, 1902” Historical footage.

39:44Copy video clip URL “Sleighing Scene: December 16, 1898” Historical footage.

40:37Copy video clip URL “Beginning of a Skyscraper: April 18, 1902” Historical footage.

41:15Copy video clip URL “A Perilous Proceeding: April 16, 1902” Historical footage.

42:22Copy video clip URL “Excavating For a New York Foundation: November 25, 1903”  Historical footage.

45:03Copy video clip URL “New York City Dumping Wharf: May 20, 1903” Historical footage.

46:35Copy video clip URL “Sorting Refuse at Incinerating Plant, New York City: May 20, 1903” Historical footage.

48:33Copy video clip URL “Panorama of Riker’s Island, N.Y.: May 20, 1903” Historical footage.

51:00Copy video clip URL Audio starts/ “Police Rout Defiant Communist Mob at ‘Battle of City Hall’ New York, N.Y.” Announcer describes the historical event. 

52:00Copy video clip URL Cut to grey. 

55:21Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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