[Howard Zinn raw #72: Zinn is interviewed about 9/11 and anti-war movements]

Interview with Howard Zinn in his office.

00:05Copy video clip URL Camera opens on Howard Zinn being interviewed in his home office. As the tape begins, he compares 9/11 to the Ragstock fire in Berlin and the blowing up of the Battleship Maine. He talks about justifications for war through American history, as well as the secret motivation for many of the wars that the United States have entered in. From wars, he moves to the constant expansion of the American empire. 

14:20Copy video clip URL Denis Mueller, the interviewer, asks about the effects of anti-war movements. Zinn says that it feels “like an impossible job to stop a war,” but movements have always had power to influence war.

19:00Copy video clip URL Interview ends. 

20:15Copy video clip URL B-roll footage of Zinn’s home. Footage of him working at his computer.

23:15Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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