[Howard Zinn raw #78: Zinn speaks at a Boston protest agains the Iraq war]

Anti-War Rally Boston

00:06Copy video clip URL Camera opens on a group of activists protesting the war in Iraq in Boston. Camera focuses on signs while a woman speaks in the background.

1:32Copy video clip URL A man introduces Tim Robbins. Cut to the end of Robbins’ speech. He speaks against the war and finding a new way to fight terrorism. A man introduces Mary Cagini to speak. Camera focuses on Howard Zinn backstage. Cut to a woman introducing a musician. Footage of a woman backstage while music plays in the background. A man shouts out all the places that participants have come from.

7:45Copy video clip URL The man introduces Zinn. Zinn comes onstage and comments on the size of the crowd and says, “this is where democracy is.” He talks about 9/11 and the non-sensical decision to wage a “war on terrorism.” He speaks about the horrible and illogical war. The crowd applauds him throughout the speech. He says that each person in the world has an equal right to life. He mentions how the peace movement is spreading. 

17:28Copy video clip URL Zinn leaves the stage and a man offers food to the protestors. He introduces a Rabbi to speak. Footage of the crowd with his voice in the background. Some footage of Zinn standing. Cut to various speakers in the background while camera focuses on Zinn or speaking to other people at the rally. Some focus on the signs of the activists. Zinn standing. Long shots of the crowd. Woman singing. Crowd marches. 

28:50Copy video clip URL Footage of the crowd and Zinn marching with his wife. People chant “U.S. troops, Exxon Oil, have no place on Iraqi soil!” Marching.

38:45Copy video clip URL Camera focuses on a group of costumed chanting and dancing protestors walking with the march. Footage of Zinn marching again. General march footage. 

47:40Copy video clip URL Musical performance. Protestors play drums and dance. Man in extreme costume.

50:42Copy video clip URL Cut to a lake at sunset. 

52:40Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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