[Howard Zinn raw #82: Dan Berrigan is interviewed on a trip with Zinn to Vietnam]

Interview with priest and activist Dan Berrigan.

00:08Copy video clip URL Camera opens on Dan Berrigan before he is interviewed by Deb Ellis and Denis Mueller. Audio is very difficult to hear at the start. Berrigan says something about visiting Vietnam with Howard Zinn. He says that American media never really covered their visit. He describes arriving in Hanoi, and then touring the country and safety measures that were taken to protect them. He talks about meeting the president and the prisoners. He describes the prisoners being released and the reasons that they were released. He speaks about interacting with the men on the plane and their arrangement with the government that was changed in the middle of their journey. 

13:20Copy video clip URL Mueller asks him to reflect on what it was like when he and Zinn returned. Berrigan says that he returned to Cornell and it still felt like there were many things to do. Mueller asks him to expand on the work that Zinn continued to be involved in after the trip. Berrigan mentions time he spent in jail, and then seeing a media piece about one of the prisoners they had helped release from Vietnam. 

19:11Copy video clip URL Berrigan talks about planning with his brother to have Zinn speak at an event. He talks about Zinn’s availability to help people. Mueller asks him to speak about non-violence. He talks about conversions to non-violence prompted by participation in war.

26:39Copy video clip URL Ellis asks him to reiterate how he and Zinn met and went on the trip to Vietnam together. He talks about meeting Zinn while teaching at Cornell. He describes meeting Zinn in New York, and then going on the trip with some secrecy. 

28:50 They thank him for the interview. They chat. He leaves the frame. Cut to black. 

33:30Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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