[Howard Zinn raw #91]

Raw footage for the documentary Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train by Deb Ellis and Denis Mueller. This tape features footage of an anti-war protest in Chicago in 2003.

00:05Copy video clip URL Tape opens with shots from a protest in the lamplit streets of Chicago, with chants of “this is what democracy looks like.” Police on horses work to control the crowd, bashing against protestors at times. Chants of “the whole world is watching” break out, seeming to remind the policemen of the repercussions of their actions.

03:00Copy video clip URL As chanting continues, the camera zooms in on several of the officer’s badges, seemingly recording their identities. Members of the news media can be seen standing nearby the protestors, amid a sea of police officers.

06:28Copy video clip URL Audio track cuts, with the video continuing to show crowds of police and protestors.

07:45Copy video clip URL An interesting shot shows a man getting his photo taken with a Chicago police officer. He and his friend are part of a group of passers-by who are guided by the police away from the protests.

09:00Copy video clip URL Various shots follow of the police directing pedestrians about, seemingly continuing in their efforts at crowd control.

11:20Copy video clip URL Police officers wearing gas masks are shown, as well as an officer wielding a massive gas gun — both likely intended to be used in crowd control.

12:45Copy video clip URL A man begins to speak alongside the cameraman, and he explains that his opinion is that the police themselves are looking to incite a riot. Chants of “the world is watching” break out again, in a similar vein to the prior instance.

15:38Copy video clip URL A group of protestors holding U.S. flags and chanting U-S-A are seen. It’s unclear whether they are the original protestors or counter-protestors. A verbal conflict breaks out between a member of the original protestors and these counter-protestors.

16:40Copy video clip URL The shot cuts to a quiet scene in the early evening, showing police officers milling around. A large group is congregated in the street near Daley Plaza. The Plaza seems to be the center of a demonstration, with a speaker heard in the distance.

18:30Copy video clip URL The cameraman engages with the police officers surrounding the Plaza, being told that there is no way in or out of the space. Various shots of the assembled police follow, showing how tightly they have packed the perimeter of Daley Plaza.

21:16Copy video clip URL After showing several moments of the protestors confronting police, the camera cuts to a shot of people dressed in red, white, and blue laying on the ground as if they’re dead. They rise suddenly and beginning playing musical instruments and dancing.

23:00Copy video clip URL Various shots of the protests follow, showing massive crowds of people amassed on the streets of Chicago.

23:52Copy video clip URL The video feed goes dark, but audio continues. Video returns a couple of seconds later. More scenes from the protests follow.

26:15Copy video clip URL A largely positive dynamic seems to emerge between the police and protestors, with protest leaders consulting the police on where the protest should move.

27:26Copy video clip URL The tape goes dark.



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