[Howard Zinn raw #92: Debate with William Buckley]

Audio only of 1971 debate between William Buckley and Howard Zinn and a 1971 anti-Vietnam War speech by Zinn.

0:08Copy video clip URL Audio begins. William Buckley talks about his views on crime, law enforcement, and civil liberties.

4:19Copy video clip URL Howard Zinn speaks about the link between crime and economics. He also speaks about the obligations of the state and community.

8:30Copy video clip URL The moderator asks for Buckley and Zinn to deliver final remarks.

9:00Copy video clip URL Buckley talks about his confusion about why Zinn has spent so much time disparaging society. He counters Zinn’s belief that society is focused on death thanks to the profits that come from the defense industry. He believes that, if things are as bad as Zinn says they are, then the right course of action is to destroy the state.

14:05Copy video clip URL Zinn believes that looking only at the profits system is myopic, and what needs to be looked at is the system of nation-states. He says that the “main thrust” of many different systems in America is directed towards war and armaments. Zinn believes that the right thing to do is resistance, not destruction, to create a new world.

17:20Copy video clip URL David Barsamian explains that the audience has just been listening to a remastered version of a 1971 debate between Zinn and Buckley called “Reform or Revolution.” He introduces a 1971 Zinn speech at an anti-Vietnam War rally.

18:02Copy video clip URL Zinn speaks about the people who were recently arrested, comparing them to the Founding Fathers. He speaks about civil disobedience and its purpose. He also speaks about how the same actions committed by individuals and the government are seen in different ways.

25:35Copy video clip URL Zinn urges the crowd to collectively go to the government and nonviolently protest the terrible crimes that are being committed in Vietnam. He speaks to the police officers, FBI, and other government agents, urging them to disobey as well.

29:31Copy video clip URL Zinn talks about the different perceptions that the government and the people have about the war. He believes that obedience has made great atrocities possible and that people need to “disobey when called to kill.”

32:24Copy video clip URL Repeat audio from twenty five thirty five.

33:38Copy video clip URL Barsamian talks about Alternative Radio’s effort to catalog Zinn’s work and ways to contact Alternative Radio.

34:43Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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