[HSA Strike raw #6]

Interviews with participants in a strike at the Cook Country Hospital, demanding a better contract as well as adequate equipment and facilities.

00:45Copy video clip URL Interviews with participants in the Health Services Administration protest. The services that Cook County hospital needs to provide and the reforms that need to be made to support its staff and to help its patients. 

03:10Copy video clip URL A mustachioed man expresses regret that the strike did not last longer, which could have potentially earned more necessary reforms. He discusses what ended the negotiations and the difficulties of achieving additional demands in the future. 

06:45Copy video clip URL A curly-haired man at a printer.

07:14Copy video clip URL A group of hospital staff at a table, each introducing themselves. 

08:49Copy video clip URL One of the group members discusses the possibilities for the future and the clashes between Cook County Hospital and the communities that it serves that inspired the strike and which will be relevant in the near future. The facility needs of the staff and the services they need to provide in order to operate properly. 

13:30Copy video clip URL The need for “adequate and competent personnel,” which requires more workers. The need for translators. 

14:56Copy video clip URL Holding the hospital responsible for any deaths that occur as the result of a lack of necessary life support systems or adequate facilities. Will the hospital actually provide the facilities they agreed to. 

16:53Copy video clip URL Meeting of staff to decide on their vote. 

17:30Copy video clip URL A spokesperson discusses the deficiencies in the contract they had voted for. The difficulty in committing to holding the hospital accountable to that which they had promised. Disagreements among the staff about the proper course of action after an unfortunate judicial ruling. Accusations that people wanting another walk out don’t care about the hospital patients. The need to continue the struggle in the future for future contracts, along with an endorsement of the contract as the best step forward. 

23:25Copy video clip URL Discussion about how to achieve further needs for the contract. The counterproductive potential for a complete walk-out and the difficulties in dealing with an uncaring hospital administration. The option to re-open negotiations. 

27:00Copy video clip URL A concluding summary of the discussion. Applause as the meeting ends. 

29:15Copy video clip URL Doctors who will be going to jail for the strike. 



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