[Hurricane Katrina refugees]

Brief news segment about the struggles of Hurricane Katrina refugees in Jefferson Parish. Highlights the lack of food and medical care.

0:04Copy video clip URL Footage of refugees from Hurricane Katrina walking across the greater New Orleans Bridge. Brief interviews about their journey. “We’ve been about three days now, trying to find shelter, something to eat, trying to find somewhere to go.” More people talk about their inability to evacuate earlier due to lack of resources.

1:14Copy video clip URL Footage of the flooding and people trapped by the water. Interviewees describe the worsening conditions and the lack of help they found on the other side of the bridge.

2:37Copy video clip URL A preacher talks about his attempts to help the refugees. More interviewees talk about their search for family members.

3:37Copy video clip URL Jefferson Parish Emergency Officials discuss the lack of resources available to help the refugees. “We have to rely on the assistance of the American Red Cross, we have to rely on the assistance of FEMA, and quite frankly we’re not impressed at how quickly they have been able to respond to our requests.” Footage of the only shelter in Jefferson Parish. Details concerning the inadequacy of medical supplies and other shelter resources.

5:23Copy video clip URL Plans for emergency food distribution center and footage of property damage. Ed Robichaux, a Louisiana Department of Agriculture employee, talks about the difficulties of setting up emergency food distribution in Jefferson Parish.

6:47Copy video clip URL Jefferson Parish finally is able to supply buses to the refugees. What will happen when they arrive at the larger shelter is unclear.



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