[Hurricane Rita evacuation]

Two PBS Newshour segments concerning Hurricane Rita. The first covers the evacuation plans and their issues around Houston, TX. The second looks at the rebuilding of Bridge City, TX.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on an empty street in Houston, TX. Brackett contrasts this with the bumper-to-bumper traffic of the previous night due to the evacuation of thousands of people. Footage and interviews with volunteers handing out water bottles and unloading trucks. Interspersed with voice-overs from Brackett giving more details about the evacuation.

1:29Copy video clip URL Motorists talk about running out of gas. Carmen Howard and her children were only able to drive 30 miles in 12 hours, and she discusses the tough spot it puts her in. Another family talks about waiting for gas trucks. Houston’s Mayor gives a speech explaining the necessity for people to evacuate.

3:24Copy video clip URL Evacuation plan for nursing home residents and others who cannot evacuate on their own. Lottie Shepard talks about having to evacuate again after having just been given a new apartment following her evacuation for Hurricane Katrina. Ray Harris shares her concerns with airlifting nursing home patients.

4:58Copy video clip URL Shoppers stock up on supplies for the hurricane. Tori Gray, going through her second evacuation, talks about her inability to leave because of the inadequate evacuation plans.

5:45Copy video clip URL Cut to black, then color bars.

6:03Copy video clip URL Open on Bridge City, TX. Footage of the destruction from Hurricane Rita while Brackett describes the aftermath. Chief Faircloth talks about his officers returning to put the town back together. Jerry Jones discusses fixing the water problem without state or federal help. Wayne Herin discusses electrical issues. They fix the problem, but citizens are not allowed to drink the water.

8:49Copy video clip URL People work to clear the streets. Lyn Greenwell talks about feeding the workers and her experience staying in town during the hurricane.

9:56Copy video clip URL Chief Faircloth shares how he finally received outside help. He set up roadblocks to prevent looting and turn residents away before the town was safer.

10:32Copy video clip URL Safety issues in the city. Downed power lines and gas leaks were widespread. Crystal Estillette, a volunteer for the fire department, attempts to stop the leak from a pipeline.

11:01Copy video clip URL Brackett talks about the timelines for city repairs, and how soon residents will be able to return.



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