Ideas: Sandra Lowell – Tapdance; Tracy + Peter Wedding, etc.

The first part of this video is a tapdancer performing several takes of a performance for the TV show, THE 90's. The second and larger part of the video is footage of a Jewish family wedding in Sonoma, CA with several scenic shots sprinkled throughout.

0:00Copy video clip URL A woman is seen on the screen singing and tap dancing the news. Several takes are recorded, at the end of each she announces that these are “the tap dancing news for the 90s.” This is continued for quite some time.

20:28Copy video clip URL Cut away from Sandra Lowell, the tap dancer, and switch to shot of Alamo Car rental, then a passenger’s seat shot of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The filmmaker, Judith Binder, is talking with the driver who is apparently a friend.

22:01Copy video clip URL Switch to shot of some countryside where smoke can be seen rising out of the forest in the background of the shot. Binder chats with some of her friends on the porch as they watch the smoke.

24:48Copy video clip URL Switch to a shot of a building labeled “Pool.” Binder then pans around the area and cuts to shots of different buildings apparently around the area. Binder enters the pool with her friend. Her friend is named Billy and they are attending a rehearsal dinner in Napa Valley.

27:20Copy video clip URL Binder and Billy tour the area around the place they are staying with some light background on the history of the area. She talks with several people while they are preparing for the rehearsal dinner.

30:48Copy video clip URL Binder is once again in a car and is filming the scenery as it passes by. It sounds like they might be going to Sterling. She speaks with the mother of the bride and several other people at the wedding. The wedding party takes a gondola and Binder continues to film the scenery. Shots of the rehearsal dinner and the wedding party continue for quite some time. There is quite a bit of cutting between shots.

45:15Copy video clip URL Cut to shot of scenery from car, this seems to be the Mexican fiesta that has been mentioned. Binder films the interaction of the many people therein. They are in Sonoma, CA at this point.

1:15:10Copy video clip URL Shots of the next day after the Mexican fiesta. Binder speaks with several different people at breakfast. Binder continues outside and talks to the people who are there, she speaks with the rabbi in charge of the ceremony. Binder begins filming the Jewish wedding soon after. She films the after party as well.



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