[Tai Chi – Michael Gilman]

A Tai Chi lesson from instructor Michael Gilman, and images of nature and of hang gliders.

00:01Copy video clip URL In a grassy lot, surrounded by trees, Michael Gilman, a man in shorts and a tank top asks Dean Evenson whether the camera is recording. He introduces a tai chi demonstration, which begins with a form called the Old Southern Yang Style of T’ai Chi Ch’uan. He discusses the history of the form, originating among Taoist monks. He talks about his own practice of Tai Chi and the benefits of focused, intentional concentration in ordinary actions.

02:59Copy video clip URL Demonstration of Tai Chi exercises that are derived from animals or from nature, as well as martial arts moves. He talks about conceiving of Tai Chi exercises as a single sustained movement, and the benefits of Tai Chi practice. 

07:38Copy video clip URL Demonstration of a simple but effective breathing exercise from the “Eight Pieces of Brocade” system. 

18:47Copy video clip URL Gilman and a young woman move slowly in unison, demonstrating further exercises. 

27:14Copy video clip URL Hang gliders in a picturesque canyon. 

28:57Copy video clip URL Return to the Tai Chi demonstration. The camera wanders around the pair as they move. 

34:07Copy video clip URL Hang gliders.  

53:03Copy video clip URL Birds and hang gliders flying above a picturesque natural scene. Images of the hills and trees of the canyon. A waterfall. Off-camera discussion of the framing can be heard at times. 



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