Image Union, Reel 1: 10th Anniversary Special

Image Union 10th Anniversary Special.

00:29Copy video clip URL Image Union opening sequence.

01:45Copy video clip URL Donna Blue Lachman is introduced and explains the dual celebration: New Year’s Eve and Image Union’s 10th Anniversary.

02:45Copy video clip URL Image Union’s statement on history and the importance of preservation.

03:42Copy video clip URL “I Remember Riverview” by Phil Ranstrom. 1983. A retrospective on the former Chicago amusement park complete with a ride on one of its most famous roller coasters!

05:51Copy video clip URL “Chic Ago Go” by Hariette Chardak. 1987. The neat never stops with Chicago’s locals whether they’re kissing, getting tattooed, or simply hanging out.

06:44Copy video clip URL “Chairs” by Nick Despota, John Mabey, and Bob Snyder. 1979. The dfferent uses of chairs are explored including the people of Chicago’s “parking space reservations” after the blizzard of ’79.

07:32Copy video clip URL “Maxwell Street” by Tom Palazzolo and Friends 1983. An in-depth look at one of Chicago’s famous streets. Images include everything from women in a store to the street performers who add that extra something to the seemingly everyday walk.

08:08Copy video clip URL “Jerry’s” by Tom Palazzolo. 1981. (Excerpt). A clerk’s no nonsense attitude is taken to the extreme as he yells at customers about the rules of line formation. Whether the customers are masochists or they feel need to be “humanized” as Jerry puts it, the food is good enough to keep coming back.

10:03Copy video clip URL Bob and Steve Roszell sing “These Airwaves are My Airwaves” and play the guitar in front of the iconic Wrigley Field.

11:30Copy video clip URL Studs Terkel gives his two cents on Bob. While Bob may be made of cardboard, he “assumes flesh and blood characteristics, much like Image Union.”

12:30Copy video clip URL The life story of Bob.

13:08Copy video clip URL “Charlie’s Boogie Woogie” by Valerie Swanson. 1986.

13:44Copy video clip URL “Kustom Kwickies” by Norman E. Magden with Tom Erickson. 1980. The Trashmen’s “Surfin’ Bird” plays with quick shots of beautiful customized muscle cars.

14:42Copy video clip URL “Machine Song” by Chel White. 1983. Mass production of both items and humans is explored in this experimental animated short.

15:40Copy video clip URL “Sweater” by Carl Gustafsun, Jr. 1985. Single-line animation is used to the the story of a curious man pulling on a thread from his wife’s sweater.

17:40Copy video clip URL “House of Sloaches” by Steven L. Margolis. 1985. The adventures of a claymation man and a toilet.

19:00Copy video clip URL “Calypso Singer” by Paul Glickman. Soundtrack by Stan Freberg. 1984. Maker-drawn animation.

20:47Copy video clip URL “Our Trip to the Beach” by John Heinz. 1980. Collage animation.

21:32Copy video clip URL “Root Beer Rags” by Bill O’Neill. 1982. The world in under three minutes.

22:43Copy video clip URL “Pretty Face” by Western Australia Department of Health. 1985. “What good is a pretty face when you have ugly breath?” That’s the question asked in this amusing public service announcement about smoking.

23:11Copy video clip URL “LePlonge School of Driving” by Brooks Fulford (London). 1983. WHile attempting to get out of a parking spot, a man brings “bumper rash” to a whole new level and then drives through the streets of France with no regard for other’s safety in this international commercial

24:12Copy video clip URL Buzz Kilman and Lenny Pinkus of WLUP’s “Another Saturday Night” take callers.

Music Videos from Chicago:

29:36Copy video clip URL “No Easy Walk to Freedom” by Brian Adler. The epidemics of AIDS, HIV, and hate are the topics of this song which cries for a change.

31:30Copy video clip URL “Jimmy Walker” by Jim Passin and Nancy Grosse. 1978. The Chicago Blues always sounds better when the player is chewing on a cigar.

32:02Copy video clip URL Warren Leming and Bob interview people on the street about experimental film and how it has affected their lives.

32:32Copy video clip URL At the celebration, Roger Bain talks about Bob’s 10 years on television.

Comedy Sketches

35:21Copy video clip URL “Dateline: Graceland” An emergency is declared in Tennessee after drugs from Elvis Presley’s body seep into the town’s water supply.

38:55Copy video clip URL “The Housewarming” by Greg Glienna and Scott Bussert. 1988. The neighbors from hell have a housewarming present: something for the new husband and wife to argue about.

43:54Copy video clip URL Helen Lishman for Mayor. During the blizzard of ’79, Lishman declares “City Hall doesn’t work. I work!”

44:50Copy video clip URL “To Be Announced” from 1979 by Nate Herman, starring Miriam Flynn, Nate Herman, Warren Leming, Joe Mantegna, and Marty Robinson. Running a telethon with only one phone, a news announcer (Robinson) pleads for funds in order to keep public access television afloat; even as it is being demolished around him.

46:33Copy video clip URL Bob is interviewed by John Callaway on a very special Chicago Tonight entitled “What is behind Bob?”

48:05Copy video clip URL “Design for Dreaming” by General Motors. Concept designs for classic American cars are showcased with equally beautiful women.

49:01Copy video clip URL Bob – Animated by Mark Keane.

49:18Copy video clip URL At the celebration, Ben Hollis is interviewed about Chicago Tonight.

Experimental Shorts

52:23Copy video clip URL “Never Jump… Just Break the Space” by Sasha Sumner and Paul Haywood. Fast editing is utilized to create illusions of weightlessness.

53:02Copy video clip URL “SPN. Mandala” by Richard K. Hampton. 1983. Computer graphics way ahead of their time show a glowing pyramid with spheres.

54:17Copy video clip URL “Popular Thought” by Teri Yarbrow. 1985. “Bring America back to god!” is declared in this experimental short juxtaposing organized religion and Nazi Germany.

55:30Copy video clip URL “Alien Nation” by Barbara Latham, John Manning, and Edward Rankus.

56:03Copy video clip URL Paris by Mark Keane. 1986. The streets of Paris in full color are shown while speeding around the city.

57:23Copy video clip URL “Inside” by Annette Barbier. 1985. Trapped in a windowless bedroom…

58:35Copy video clip URL “Birdland” by Chris Bliss. 1984. Fantastic Juggling skills are shown in a Tron-esque background.

59:56Copy video clip URL Nancy Cain from Venice Beach, CA wishes Bob a Happy Birthday!

60:01Copy video clip URL END OF REEL 1



  1. it’s unbelievable, 33 years of showing this video on mewidaBurn that NOBODY has left a comment.

    We must’ve had an inflated impression of our impact.

    • TK says:

      Sometimes you need to see a comment to have the courage or inspiration to leave one. I grew up in the 2000s, so this is all pretty fresh to me, but I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to watch this footage. It’s hard to measure impact, but I can definitely say your work has left an impression on me, and really feels essential today.

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