Image Union, episode 603: 8 shorts

0:00 Image Union opening sequence. 8 Shorts.

0:42Copy video clip URL “Root Beer Rags”, by Bill O’Neil, music by Billy Joel. Simple color animation on black. The world in under three minutes: planets, American flags, piggy banks, people’s hands grabbing, cars on roads, oil, Pacman, piano playing, muscles, volcanos, men chasing women.

3:50Copy video clip URL Fake film documentation of the development and testing of ejection seat. Successes and failures, reasons and methods. Test subject punches Santa when he brings him a helmet after a crash.

8:08Copy video clip URL Women and men in underwear, with song. Holdproof Underpaks.

8:37Copy video clip URL “Defense for Atomic Attack”, care of Chicago Filmmakers. Chet Huntley explains about how uranium explodes via nuclear fission, with help from animation. Without urgency, a mother and her two children close Venetian blinds and head to basement in anticipation of blast. Others act similarly, but with more urgency. Civil defense film.

15:37Copy video clip URL Bert the alert turtle hides in shell from nuclear attack. Children hide on side of wall, people everywhere cover their heads and hide under chairs, next to walls. Politicians talk. Bert warns.

17:32Copy video clip URL Alex George presents Daniel Ness in “Madness”. Male head, bottom-lit, asks “what is madness?” Chokes.

20:37Copy video clip URL “Bugs.” Hands of person on couch use and abuse pull-string Bugs Bunny, laughs. Rick Kendrick, Carol Bruno, Kimmer Olesak.

23:11Copy video clip URL “The Cough” by Teddy Dibble. Color video. A comedic short in which an actor or voice-over artist coughs repeatedly while an offscreen director shouts inst ructions.

26:39Copy video clip URL Image Union credits



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