Image Union, episode 0812: Animal Crackers

Two tapes about animals - one about the gorilla, Sinbad, of the Lincoln Park Zoo and one about the dolphins and their trainers at the Brookfield Zoo. The works are "Sinbad Has Surgery" and "Everybody Loves Dolphins."

0:00Copy video clip URL Slate.

0:20Copy video clip URL Image Union opening.

1:03Copy video clip URL “Sinbad Has Surgery.” Black and white images of a young gorilla being paraded around a ring. (A 1952 segment from NBC’s “Zoo Parade” of Sinbad’s first public appearance at 4 yrs old.)

2:11Copy video clip URL Dr. Lester Fischer, Lincoln Park Zoo Director, talks about Sinbad’s medical condition over images of Sinbad, a big gorilla, walking around and hanging out.

2:53Copy video clip URL Pam Doug, Sinbad’s keeper, tells us that Sinbad needs a check up because his gums have been bothering him.

3:07Copy video clip URL Interview with a dentist who volunteers on the Lincoln Park Zoo medical advisory board.

4:12Copy video clip URL Dr. Hal Mathews, radiologist, tells about checking Sinbad out for arthritis.

4:39Copy video clip URL We learn that Sinbad must be tranquilized before an examination can take place.

4:51Copy video clip URL Workers prepare to tranquilize Sinbad.

5:19Copy video clip URL Dr. Tom Mian administers tranquilizer to Sinbad.

5:56Copy video clip URL We see segments of Sinbad’s medical examination.

7:32Copy video clip URL The volunteer dentist talks about the discovery that Sinbad has periodontal disease. We watch as the examination proceeds.

10:30Copy video clip URL It is determined that only one of Sinbad’s teeth will have to be removed.

10:52Copy video clip URL We learn about the extent of Sinbad’s arthritis. We learn that a needle has been lost in Sinbad’s body and is being left there.

11:36Copy video clip URL Volunteers collect samples of Sinbad’s sperm to aid in reproductive research.

11:54Copy video clip URL Sinbad is weighed in at 565 lbs.

13:01Copy video clip URL Interviews with doctors and zoo personnel summing up the success of Sinbad’s examination.

15:42Copy video clip URL A brief segment about how and when Sinbad died.

16:10Copy video clip URL “Sinbad Has Surgery” credits.

16:30Copy video clip URL “Everybody Loves Dolphins.” Shots of Brookfield Zoo and brief interviews with zoo-goers about the dolphin show.

18:35Copy video clip URL Ed Hausknecht, trainer, tells us about the Brookfield Zoo dolphin show.

19:28Copy video clip URL Brenda Woodhouse, trainer, talks about communicating with the dolphins as she trains them.

20:30Copy video clip URL Ed tells us the dolphin show is as much about giving them physical and mental exercise as it is about entertaining the audience.

21:24Copy video clip URL Brenda talks about having to “out think” the dolphins during the show.

21:59Copy video clip URL Ed talks about how proud he is of the dolphins when they learn a new trick.

22:13Copy video clip URL A trainer throws fish to dolphins from a crane during a show. A dolphin flips and splashes the audience.

22:42Copy video clip URL22:42Copy video clip URL" onclick="fitv_window_prompt(' video clip URL');">Copy video clip URL22:42Copy video clip URL" /> Maribeth Rook, trainer, tells us about dolphin behaviour.

22:42Copy video clip URL22:42Copy video clip URL" onclick="fitv_window_prompt(' video clip URL');">Copy video clip URL22:42Copy video clip URL" /> Brenda talks about the importance of the dolphin show’s importance to the zoo and the community.

23:05Copy video clip URL Segments of a Brookfield Zoo dolphin show accompanied by the upbeat song “Might as well Jump.”

27:40Copy video clip URL “Everybody Loves Dolphins” credits.

28:17Copy video clip URL Image Union closing with “Media Burn” footage by Ant Farm.

29:50Copy video clip URL End of Tape.



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