Image Union, episode 0015: Commercial World

Work by Chicago commercial filmmakers. There is a mix of actual commercials, parodies, and regular films. Works include "The Honeymooners" by Goldsholl Associates, "Four Commercials" by Paul Chen, "The Ritz Newsiola" by Siporin Film Productions, and "American School for Stuntmen" by Michael K. Goi.

0:52Copy video clip URL Wyler’s Instant Iced Tea commercial by Joe Sedelmaier. Color.

1:28Copy video clip URL The Honeymooners by Goldsholl Associates. Black and white comedy film. An estranged couple falls in love again after hearing a jingle.

5:26Copy video clip URL Selections from April Fools Film Festival. Some of the more surreal commercials that have been made, including one for Champagne Velvet beer, Lavoris mouthwash, Tavern Pale beer, Roadmaster bikes, Billy beer, Thank You pudding, Hill’s dog food, and Eckrich hot dogs.

11:50Copy video clip URL “Four Commercials” by Paul Chen. Commercial parodies. Color.

15:37Copy video clip URL The Ritz Newsiola by Siporin Film Productions. Black and white film comedy. Fake news stories.

20:03Copy video clip URL American School for Stuntmen by Michael K. Goi. Color film. Parody of an advertisement for stunt school.

23:51Copy video clip URL Aircraft Seat. Color film. Parody of an instructional film about ejecting aircraft seats.

28:09Copy video clip URL Information about upcoming image events at the Biograph Theatre, Facets, and the Chicago Editing Center.

29:19Copy video clip URL Holeproof Underdaks. Color film parody of an underwear commercial.

29:52Copy video clip URL End credits.



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